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7/31 c17 Read Falcon
Just found this gem and loving it. Glad I found it after you picked it back up or would of been devastated
7/23 c17 Guest
More please
7/11 c16 2Axelmos2356
Its no problem!"
7/10 c17 Wise D. Heron
Interesting chapter. It's good to see the shade go. I guess that means Ajikad and king Hrothgar get to live a little longer. Though the twins also get to keep sabotaging the Varden.
I look forward to the elves' reaction to the party. Thank you for the chapter.
7/10 c17 Guest
Keep up the good work
7/9 c17 1ArchAngel319
Thanks again W-A-W for another great chapter. I really liked the bit at the start with Arya freeking out a little bit at the start of the chapter, which seemed like a pretty realistic thing to happen if it happened in the original book. Good luck with your next chapter, and as always have fun writing.
7/8 c16 0halibut0
Very cool
7/8 c13 tsougrhs.59
cringe as fook
mine Heart
hahahahha trash plot
your Mc is useless even if he knows the plot
7/8 c7 tsougrhs.59
your Mc is so childish and have zero control over his emotions...even a baby saphira was better in canon
7/8 c7 tsougrhs.59
yea...your Mc seems so childish and has zero control over his
7/8 c4 tsougrhs.59
your Mc seems a little slow in the brain
i hope he stop being like that
7/5 c15 ArchAngel319
Thanks W-a-W for these amazing chapters. Its nice to see another human turned dragon fanfic on this site and one that's a bit more origonal than others I've see thus far. I love the interactions and dialog between silver and Arya, you've done a great job thus far and I'm excited to see how Silvren and Saphira will talk and interact as there romance starts to bud. Thanks again for all the time and hard work you've done thus far brining this story to us and I hope we continue to see new chapters in the future. Cheers!
6/9 c15 Guest
more please
4/18 c15 Wise D. Heron
This is a very interesting read so far. I really like the interactions between characters, especially between Silvern and his rider. It's nice to see her get the emotional support she never really gets in the books.
I look forward to seeing how your story moves forward from here considering all the changes.
4/12 c15 TheSystemFan
Thanks for the chapter.
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