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3/27 c4 Des Shinta
Gotta Admit, that took me a couple days to get through on my work breaks. Worth it though. At the very least, with Kallen And Lelou joining up you're going to have less of a headache from the perspective of writing wholly different adventures for them a grand majority of the time, which...yeah, MORE than necessary, but your largest timesink so far. Though I presume there's going to be a confrontation (considering the respected positions the two have developed by now, more likely to be verbal than ever unless you can finagle them into a 'sparring match') that could likely be solved by Lelou just admitting helping Nunnally is one of his goals, as despite the character growth You've already had them display it can take time for such to be truly internalized; such as Lelou still viewing himself as 'playing' the hero when even Heroes can have selfish motivations but still bear an honest intent to want to help...but then again, it was part of his canon characterization that all of the times he went Overtly villainous in persona (that wasn't due to being mindscrewed) it was specifically an act due to "going against the will of the world" being itself a Villain trope...even when that world has been made to go wrong. With Kallen's experiences with Nobility being more positive in Eorzea it's a tossup (at least from a reader's perspective, obviously) whether she'd be willing to hear him out without being overtly Tsun towards him for a while, as at this point even with the development depicted She still seems to have that blinder up that Britannian commoners and outcast/status-lost Nobles/Royals are just as abused by the Nobility as those turned into Numbers, just with the difference of they're deceived into thinking the Numbers and other minorities cause their problems instead of the Nobles (and man, is that allegory from the series that's still topical if one pays attention to politics). But you've already got them on a path to realizing that their ultimate goals are mutual without the narrative divides the show kept throwing up, it's just a matter of how you'd like to pace that out.
Also, I'm cackling in my head at the Idea of Lelouch getting to Uldah's thaumaturge trainer and...well, not instantaneously as the spells' learned at level 2, but having his slasher smile on his face the next time he has to set something on Fire, and just casting the spell unassisted. It's up there with the mental picture I have of him reaching level 70 to unleash Demi-Bahamut on Schneizel.
3/26 c4 Edward4555
I have to say that I like your fic. It's well written and Lelouch and Kallen are in character, however I have a concern: What are you going to do with the Azem subplot?.
Now, I know some people don't like it but for me really made me care about the setting.
3/24 c4 7IS6A6E
Finally they meet! I can't wait to see what happens next chapter!

And I really hope they become a couple!
3/23 c4 Aniki120
Ayyyy the two finally meet. Feels like we're finishing up the prologue, and I can only imagine that the Lelouch and Kallen interactions will be great. Keep up the great work!
1/25 c3 Des Shinta
Really fun stuff so far. I played Final Fantasy 14 for the Garo crossover promotion event they had back in 2017 (Garo's an intriguing series if you might have any interest, though I recommend the live action series over their anime as...frankly the Live series are better written) and mained playing a Rogue/Ninja in the game to pick up what I could from the PVP matches; so from leveling to even get there I have an Idea of where you're working towards with Lelouch, Kallen or anyone else you might add into in this.
The Idea of Lelouch eventually summoning Demi-Bahamut makes me break out smirking at the chaos that could bring once brought back into CG's setting. And Lelou and Kallen possibly being contacted by Eorzea's gods through the path opened up by C's world and the collective unconsciousness to bridge the world connections is one that makes sense (at least to me) with regards to the metafiction regarding the mythology related to the collective consciousness surpassing the limits of our feeble four-dimensional existence.
I honestly kind-of feel like I have to replay the game at some point. I stopped around when Stormblood released as I didn't have the time to commit to it, nor much liked the gameplay changes related to removing the cross-class system as I felt that reduced the investment the game previously made in learning all the classes. But I really liked the story Yoshi-P's team put together, so now learning thanks to this chapter that there's a NG mode for earlier story bits that won't require making a new character, plus the earlier expansions being FTP? That's in my alley since...well, I'm personally at odds with Square Enix over a number of their actions the last few years.
off of that Tangent, Utilizing the Pseudo-isekai interactions for Lelouch and Kallen to drive their developments earlier is really smart, since some fanfics that start early with characters...well, don't do that to resolve some of their issues such as their mutual trust issues, Lelouch's inability to plan for when things go wrong/against expectations (I.E. Factor for Suzaku being Suzaku even post-mortem), and Kallen's premature judgements towards situations without all the information that'd help her make better ones (i.e. end of R1, the Betrayal plot railroading). It also amuses me how Kallen being more actively inquisitive has caused problems for Lelouch unintentionally; and in a way where it wouldn't cause them to overtly cross paths despite them both being peripherally aware of the other; there's not a lot of CG fanfic writers which remember that aspect of their Masquerade storyline where that happens.
I'm curious how long you'll keep having them 'near-miss' each-other like this and how their eventual confrontation will come about; will they meet as they finally begin to hop cities and learn other classes (possibly together?), or will it take until they're deeper into the story and cross paths in some of the Dungeons? I figure from how this is going and the city storylines they're not likely to meet until after the respective regional dungeons you've already seeded the storylines of; but I always felt they had some of their best moments and tangible growth in the series when they were together, and I'd like to see how you'll handle that in the future.
All-in-all, looking forward to more.
12/9/2022 c1 ChunkyFunkyMunky
I half expected Lelouch to learn a dark-related job like BLM, DRK, or RPR. Is Kallen going to be something like RDM or SAM?
12/3/2022 c3 63Sephiroth12285
An interesting story so far with an interesting set up with Kallen and Lelouch operating in different cities while Lelouch is able to go back to Ashford Academy and be with Nunnally without loosing much time in either world.

For pairings, while I don't mind Kallen and Lelouch, I would like to see maybe Alisaie and Lelouch, heck I could see Kallen and Alisaie become bash sisters XD.
12/2/2022 c3 Tertium457
Haha, I enjoyed that Omake more than is probably reasonable. As someone who started with PLD and SMN, reworks seem to be the order of the day in EW. I look forward to seeing how these two continue their adventures and finally travel beyond their starting cities.
12/1/2022 c3 7IS6A6E
Well, nice setup, good to see some of the other Code Geass characters.

I was surprised that Kallen is actually suspecting Lelouch to also be able to travel worlds first. Usually, its Lelouch who knows more about someone, but this time it's him that's in the dark. Interesting.
12/1/2022 c3 12mastercheif1229
Pretty good chapter! Looking forward to the next one! Hope that you update it again soon!
7/1/2022 c1 2Otherion
Nooo Lelouch! Don't become a Dark Mage! The rotations are really bad!
6/27/2022 c2 12mastercheif1229
Great first 2 chapters! Can't wait for the next one!
6/19/2022 c2 10MM Browsing
i look forward when lelouch face cornelia in the ghetto after his talk with Overseer K'lyhia over the chess match
i like how they chess talk and debate tactic scene especially when she say 'may' in your argument

this new insight would probably change some when lelouch face cornelia

i'm surprise lelouch sign up for Culinarians
i was expecting he will take alchemist

did kallen tell her brother/friend about her world travel?

so i'm guessing lelouch and kallen will met in the next chapter?

they can bring stuff in Hydaelyn world then is it possible to take earth stuff in Hydaelyn world?
like kallen bring her knife purse or lelouch gun/phone
6/14/2022 c2 7IS6A6E
Great chapter! Loved how Lelouch was bonding with the guild member. Hope his time in this Famtasy world changes him for the better.

I can’t wait for Lelouch and Kallen to eventually cross paths with each other. I also hope you do make them a couple.
6/6/2022 c1 IS6A6E
When are you gonna update man! I’m so excited! Sorry for being impatient
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