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4/11 c1 philosopher13
Hercules if we are speaking about the ancient people was a hero there is no doubt about that his 12 labours is a story of perseverance, courage and repentance.
3/20 c1 Otherverse
Becoming a heroic spirit is the second worst thing in existence, the only worse is becoming a counter guardian.
3/19 c33 AnimalKing123
I really hope you're ok.
3/7 c33 Guest
I hopes things are okay...(well in your personal life of course specifically)
1/28 c33 Guest
I hope Icarus will build his own team/ crew and add Medea and Asterios to it. In fact, I hope there is a pairing with Medea! Why forcibly make her fall for Jason if she could naturally fall for Icarus?
1/23 c27 Guest
I mean why would he even need to train under chiron when he's capable of single handedly taking care of everyone studying under him? He also got over the fact that he was basically assaulted and and put in critical condition out of nowhere. There's also the fact that he's lowkey fangirling over Heracles who 12 labours aside wasn't really a good person. He's heroic only if we go by old greek standards.
1/21 c33 Guest
If this is dead please just tell us, just don’t give us false hope of this getting an update by doing nothing
1/10 c33 GodAxe
Glad your alive, hope you do well. Love this story alot, rarely get to see an Age of Gods story, nvm one done so well and still going on. Especially one based around an inventor doing things based around concepts of magic, this is an awesome read and am looking forward to more
1/10 c32 GodAxe
You have yo admit though that it wouldve bene pretty funny if Icarus was female, since thatd have set in early that this isnt historical myth but nasuverse age of gods... But still think i like this better anyway, being a girl comes with lot of issues in this time
1/10 c30 GodAxe
Glad theres no grudge being held! Love this story alot so far
1/10 c25 GodAxe
I love the rivalry between the two, very wholesome and will be very beneficial for boths growth. I do feel bad about Castor in particular and hope they learn to let go of this eventually, dont want another Greek Tradegy in our hands amongst the heroes themselves
1/10 c23 GodAxe
Funny how Jason is only actually correct about Icarus being Mortal, and even then he still has the blood of the gods within him, its just so diluted that he may as well not
12/26/2023 c33 1MasterDarkElf
Lovely chapter! Looking forward to even more as well, haha. Though, I am curious on romance options for Icarus (especially harem considering all the top tier options in Greece). Personally hoping for Medusa, Medea, potentially a grown up Atalanta (both the sibling and love interest path are good), Athena seems to have some kind of interest in him, mayhaps Artemis? Never really liked her thing with Orion in Fate, or Orion in general. More so his rumored perverse tendencies. Not too aware of it. But I do like the idea of Artemis gunning, or arrowing, for Icarus. Anyway, looking forward to more!
11/19/2023 c33 Technobread
I wonder if Icarus will try to grasp one of the 5 true magics as it will probably be easier in this era and it could be seen as hubris for mortal to try gain power to rival a god.
11/10/2023 c32 Gigame
with a comment I just read I remembered something important, best boi Asterios.
pls save him. he best boi
besides he manage to overpower Heracles when Asterios is one hop away from dying
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