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1/14/2023 c1 23Sandataba

I just wanted to say you're a good person. I admire your dedication to leaving positive and constructive reviews on the stories you read, and your consistency in sticking to this principle over the years. You sent me a PM years ago, on 20 July 2016, just thanking me for writing and giving specific details about what you liked in my stories. I think I went into shock for several years and never wrote another story. (Just kidding, I had different reasons, mainly focusing on my career and real life. I am sorry though for never replying, it was rude and I have no excuse.).

With the world going through what it has in the past years, I eventually revisited things that made me happy in the past, including this site. Scanning my inbox and browsing through seven-year-old messages made me want to rectify my faults. I deliberated on whether to sheepishly PM you back, but then decided to visit your profile and found this sweet fic.

Here's the middle-of-the-sandwich part of the review. Am sure you're quite familiar with the sandwich approach for tackling challenging conversations - negative input “sandwiched" between two positive ones, thus easing the blow of the critique.

It's not really a critique, but feedback to let you know you can't please everyone - The start was too similar to many other "Tenten never gets over Neji" fics out there, which depresses me, and I would have passed over it if not for my desire to return the favor of positive reviews that you have so generously given time and again. So even if I don't like reading about how sad Tenten is at the beginning of a story, I pressed on, and found beauty and solace in the end.

I understand you needed to establish the pain and sorrow in the beginning to achieve the total effect, but it was a risk to start with that since you will potentially lose readers who are here to escape reality and not read a sad story . I actually have no suggestion on how you could have changed the beginning because it is the proper setup for the development towards the end. I'll wrap it up with saying I respect your integrity in publishing the story the way you wanted to.

Again, fanofthisfiction, I think you're a good person. It even shows in your stories. I'm a sporadic reviewer and, as you have personally experienced, a dullard when it comes to replying to PMs, but I do appreciate you and all you do on this site. I hope good things happen to you and I am sure the people whose stories you've reviewed are all as grateful as I am for your steady kindness and light.
10/5/2022 c1 2Yong Soo Kim
I really like this, throughout the story I cried imagining if this story was real.. thank you for made this story <3
7/19/2022 c1 55Wintry Leen

This will be my first review after a looong while and of course, it's gotta be on one of your stories!

That first paragraph alone was heartbreaking to read. I like how it sets the mood for the first half of the story. As you wrote, "the colorless, fragrance free flower was solemnly appropriate." Indeed, this part of the story was solemn but it was so heavy and emotionally charged, as if on the brink, ready to burst.

And it did. In the second part of the story, it burst into an explosion of colors, mostly yellow, a sort of release, and it's a lot lighter. The end hints that it's the same for Tenten, that after reining it all in, she's ready to face her grief and move forward.

God. I love the movement depicted here: from white to yellow , heavy to light, from Tenten's grief to the community's, from holding onto that grief to letting go.

Somehow, this feels different from your usual style and flavor of writing. (Or maybe we can fault my memory for that, the last time I reviewed something from you was in 2016/17...?) But ahh, I love it! This story will linger with me for a while. :(
6/26/2022 c1 7Sunrise109
I like how Hiashi immediately knew it was Tenten who had planted the yellow flower there for Neji :) and the beautiful twist wherein they all decide to contribute different flowers representing various meanings :) Thank you for sharing!
5/1/2022 c1 YuukiAsuna41
I cried reading this. I search for the meaning of daffodil before reading your notes and I found one of them being rebirth and new beginnings. It's a white daffodil. Yellow daffodils in love have the meaning of broken love. Which is very sad in the story of both of them. I had no idea when he died. I thought he was just dying or something. This story describes canon very well.
4/3/2022 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
You still got it! :D Terrific piece! It was a simple act by Tenten but held so much meaning and implications, and possible consequences. You know that I'm not usually into angst but you held me til the very end. You wrote Tenten's thoughts and feelings so well, it felt like a canon episode or manga chapter. The scene with Hiashi was a really nice touch. And of course the scene morning after. As well as the last bit where Hinata gave her that yellow flower with a hidden meaning. Hinata was also portrayed well in how she is a silent observer and vows to be there for Tenten. You made me tear up near the end too. Feels really nice to read a new story from you:) and hoping for more in the future even if we all get busy:) cheers!
4/2/2022 c1 15naash
My review didn't appear so am reviewing again. i hope i got all my previous points across.

I am team gai all the way. So am so happy that you chose to write about them.

However, I was surprised that you took on a theme of angst or loss. it's not really something that you had done before. But what I've always known about you is that despite your doubts in your capabilities you've always exceeded expectations and shown versatility in your writing. And this time is no different.

Honestly, the way you chose to focus on two colours - white and yellow, stark contrasts from one another, yet your writing gave the two colours so much range. I teared up at a few places - when Tenten found the yellow flowers amongst the white, when Hiashi honoured tea gai by allowing them to be at the front.

It is hard to write angst. You need to dig deep and sometimes go to places that you rather not visit again. But you did just that and the emotions came through.

This was a visual and emotive piece.

It was so good

3/30/2022 c1 4usagi-no-usotsuki
I'm happy Tenten and Neji are getting more focus as they do not have as much content out there as some other characters :)

It makes sense for Tenten to be hit the hardest by his death because we can easily see that the two of them have always been close and constantly relied on each other, even as early as their Genin days since we see Neji practicing for his Chunin exams with Tenten. And if I remember correctly some scenes tended to show that Neji usually preferred Tenten's more relaxed company over Lee's overflowing enthusiasm (and rival challenges most likely haha) so he either went solo fighting or relied on Tenten to have his back.

Tenten going against the traditions is perfect because this is her last chance to in a way express her feelings towards him. Great choice for the challenge!

I'm also a tad happy that my entry won't be the only sad one as well, since I felt a bit awkward that the only ideas I had for stories were depressing ones. .'
3/30/2022 c1 2NeonNavyWriter
Thank you for this wonderful piece! Can really feel the emotions, especially Tenten's emotions.

Well written and beautiful prose!
3/26/2022 c1 187YenGirl
I’m so glad to see something new from you at last, fanofthisfiction! For too long, you’ve been a loyal supporter of my works even though they make little sense to you, and I wanted to write you a proper review in turn.

Except that this isn’t a HEA as I thought you would write! Woe is me, especially since it’s for a fandom I’m familiar with and characters I’m fond of and goodness, a pairing that I ship too! If I were to write a Neji or Tenten fic, these two would most definitely have their happy ending. In fact, what a coincidence, I featured Team Gai in my story too!

OK, it’s painful but you have written a masterpiece – what were you saying about struggling with this? It’s so, so well written. You’ve set the scene so clearly I could imagine it in my mind straight off and you also used words I’ve not seen in a while! My vocabulary is refreshed! This alone is worth a Well Done!

Shinobi and death – that goes hand in hand, and never hits home as hard as when one’s standing in a graveyard with row upon row of stark reminders. That un-breaking nondescript sea of white is the perfect way to describe the branch clan and their main task in life.

Tenten is SO RIGHT – Neji was so much more than just a protector no matter how noble his last action was to Hinata. It’s heartbreaking especially when he and Hiashi had a better relationship going, indeed he has better relationships with the Konoha 12 and Naruto and he’d already made jounin! Doubly, triply sad!

I sympathise with Tenten so much – her silent grief, her mounting frustration and anger at wanting Neji to be remembered as more than a tool, her daring idea to BE DIFFERENT and oh my, she did it! I was there with her every step of the way, racing back with her to her apartment, heart thumping in equal parts trepidation and glee and still not going back to take that her daffodil.

That was awesome, Tenten! You go, girl!

Her dreaming of Neji made my eyes sting. I’m sure he saw her gesture and her flower. I’m sure he wanted to say so many things he couldn’t.

When morning comes and Tenten goes to the graveyard, her trepidation made me smile. Yes, dusting for fingerprints weren’t a thing back then, but chakra tracing was… *looks around and wiped her hands on her clothes*

And surprise, surprise! Hiashi, that strict and dour clan leader, has bent and even made a… comment? Joke? Reassuring statement? I don’t know and that’s fine because Tenten who’s making me imagine all sorts of fears and punishments – it’s amazing what the mind can come up with, really – and I’ve all but bitten my nails to the quick – finds that she may not be punished after all!

Oh my, that was lovely – I loved how you wrote the reveal – Tenten dreading a negative outcome then being surprised by Hiashi’s statement then him moving aside and her seeing… flowers in all sorts of colours at her beloved’s grave! What a magnificent scene! It was both uplifting and inspiring!

Then Hinata giving another yellow flower for Tenten to add was just the cherry on the cake. HInata’s a pretty perceptive person. It helps that she too knows what unrequited love feels like (only in her case it’s just Naruto being Naruto lol) She’s also diplomatic, well mannered, compassionate and understanding.

It was very clever of you to hint at her knowledge that the yellow daffodil was Tenten’s idea and the way she implied that Neji approved and that everyone in the Hyuuga clan approved… it made me tear up. Not just the Hyuuga clan but everyone who knew Neji. After all, Hinata feels his loss keenly too, he was her cousin and he died protecting her. I’m sure Neji was there and he saw everything! (I refuse to believe otherwise lol)

Hinata’s final thoughts have me now wondering if you’re planning a sequel, where Tenten breaks down in someone’s comforting presence. She deserves to be comforted.

I hope I’ve done justice to your story. It was a sad occasion, but you handled such a painful subject well and it ended on an uplifting and hopeful note! Well done!

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