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5h c31 qalleesyawesome
wait till melina finds out
7/20 c14 HolyFather
hi love the story but suck at reviews
7/20 c27 PhoenixDragon90
Thanks For The Meal.
Keep Up The Good Work!
7/19 c31 fallendemon248
Sister vs Sister. You got to do it. Let them meet and naruto get distracted by the girls and lets see Rennala vs Rellana. Both women fighting over their claim.
7/19 c31 10Imperial539
"CURSE YOU BAAAAYLE!" I need to see this. So much. You cannot fathom how much.
7/19 c31 Kaiser wilheim
Fire giant gf?
7/19 c31 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
7/19 c31 Daluxolo moloi
Their was a smile, and a held back laugh from beginning to end, my cheeks may hurt but this was great.
7/19 c30 Guest
Back with a bang , love the no hesitation, welcome to the shadow realms. And I love the foreshadowing
7/18 c31 Guest
well, that is gonna be a fun relationship going forward
7/18 c22 Guest
7/18 c31 Guest
7/18 c31 Fullgrei
Of course Naruto just got accidentaly engaged to Rellana. I wonder who is next on the list? Keep it going, this is excellent!
7/18 c31 pedromenaconcha
Don't pay attention to the idiot below in the comments who created a giant text spamming shit just because he doesn't like the fic, this is one of my favorite fics (I'm a fan of Naruto and Elden Ring so it's normal that I loved it) and I think that, so far, you've done a very good job expanding the world (somehow I'm understanding the lore more by reading this fic than by looking for it myself haha).
7/18 c27 luukvandegriftschool
good story
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