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3/17/2012 c1 princess zelda the seventh
im not done reading but to clear things up does mac like brodi? im WAY confused :(!
8/31/2009 c9 2firefairy903
i can't remember if i've already reviewed this story or not, and even though i probably have, i keep coming back to it, and every time, 'tis one that i look forward to reading, because Brodi/Mac is my favorite pairing of the whole team. and i must say, i agree with your depressed sigh at the beginning of chapter 5, about not owning Brodi... absolutely awesome story, i think you should definitely continue, if it is a suitable use of your time.
11/4/2007 c9 2m o n k ii e c o n d o m
Oh God no!

Don't stop now!

I read this all in one night at my friend's house!

I was playing SSX (Kaori) getting some cash, learning new tricks and what-not from ym friend(whom ownes the game...)

She was on the computer, talking to friends, teaching me about SSX and what not,

I guess she went on fanfiction.

Her and her sister then decided I had to read this story.

So I started.

On Chapter one.

I got part way through it and realized it's the same story she had been telling me that I had to read the other night on the way to Girl Guides.


I like the BrodixMac slash!
8/15/2005 c9 10Shion-san
(shifty eyes) I am sort of worried if Luther and Psymon come in like that. I'm all excited for the next chapter, I can't think of anything to say! Uhm, you made a few spelling errors you might go back and fix. (shifty eyes) Marisol bothers me now. Before she sort of bothered me, but now it's a little like "menah" uh huh. That didn't make any sense, I'm sorry. What I mean to say is this is lookin' all cool and meaningful and I'm anxious for the next chapter, so get crackin' yah? Beyond a few spelling oopsies and uhm... Psymon... this chapter is looking pretty good.
8/12/2005 c9 7xKokurox
Still don't know who they are. But the story thus far is great! Did you get my e-mail? Anyway, It would be awesome for you to continue this story. Especially quickly, damn it's good! Update! Miss you, love you, and all that good stuff!-Your friend from school
8/12/2005 c9 5Charshi
Whoa, where'd I go these past two chappies? O.o -strayed away from the SSX fandom base on for a while... okay, a long time..-

I'm loving how Luther's all supposedly gooey-like over Eddie. If the guy wasn't such a jerk to everyone(or at least... not disgusting and lame-ish as everyone portrays him as), and if he would stop wearing such low-riding hip hugger... pants... things.. I would love him and glomp him and squee.

Psymon's hilarious. XD He's basically all, 'I love Eddie. End of story. Now getcher fat ass back in the seat before I crack my foot off in there. ^^' I'm lovin' it. Ba-da-bap-ba-baa... -bricked-

Anyway, nice to see your alerts in my inbox again Lethal-Chan, remind me to update my own fics. @_o -die hard X-Men fan now.-
7/27/2005 c8 10Shion-san
Allow me to point out some CHOICE words you have used; "boff" "bounded" "eye" "fog machines" and "anything".

Yes, those words are choice. Moving on, this is a very short chapter, I am disappointed with it. But, knowing where the story will eventually go, I am curious as to how you'll get there, so I will continue reading. I saw no "heinous spelling or grammar errors" in reading this, except I wonder what the word "boff" means. Well, that's all, so I'll just skip along now...
7/27/2005 c8 NA
aw update lethal chan. Its been like ages and now there's a plot I really wanna read.
5/25/2005 c7 superenzie
aww that was cute :) I love you now lol. But really, Brodi/Mac is one of my favorite pairings,and I neve really expected there to be anyone else writing slash here XD you need to update!

3/27/2005 c7 CoLLiSiOn
i thoguyth this story wasd absolutly kick ass, more like kick ur ass, please update i kno u probably wont cuz its been so long but u can do it. i kill u if u dont lol j/j
4/4/2004 c7 gem0086
I remember reading this story a long time ago. As a matter of fact, I printed the story out to give it to a co-worker. We both loved this story. It's hilarious and delightfully descriptive!
Keep up the great work
A fan,
1/13/2004 c7 6beforethequeen
OOh, hot! *licks lips* I must somehow encourage you to write more sooner... hm... I'll be thinking! As for now, Keep up the kick-ass wrok!
1/7/2004 c7 Nomysp's angel
Marisol's a stupid (Beep) Good writing still hate the OOC But still very funny, it ain't crap I just really dislike Psymon or Brodi slash pairings but if it was meant to be OOC at the beginning the PLEASE UPDATE!
10/8/2003 c6 5Charshi
-claps- You updated! Have a cookie. -hands you a cookie- Yummeh cookie.
9/28/2003 c6 2Eddie Wachowski's Chick
my fault? lol try to picture Mac dressed in a Cinderella style dress with Brodi carring him arround like a princess to their pumpkin carrage :P
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