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for Grey Eyes

11/7/2022 c3 6Doc. Spontaneous
it's so cringe, how did I write this?
11/7/2022 c1 Doc. Spontaneous
don't worry about me abandoning it. worry about me abandoning the account
11/5/2022 c1 Doc. Spontaneous
fuck dude, I remember writing this then fucking up my own plot. tbh I kinda miss this story if only bc I enjoy reading it now
5/3/2022 c1 yochan123
this is interesting
5/1/2022 c8 58Thunderwolf7226
You are a talented writer. Keep up the great work.
4/29/2022 c7 Thunderwolf7226
Great chapter. As a Texan I agree we don't all have a Southern accent.
4/17/2022 c6 Thunderwolf7226
Take all the time you need to heal. I'll wait. Happy Easter
4/17/2022 c6 5Kormk
Ok that's bad news but to call yourself a disappointment it's unacceptable!
4/17/2022 c5 58Thunderwolf7226
Miss Dare with an Irish/British accent. that'd be hot. Also happy Easter.
4/15/2022 c4 Thunderwolf7226
Nice chapter. I wonder if Dr. Torn will say bla bla bla, theres the ocean, save yourselves children of the sea.
4/11/2022 c3 Thunderwolf7226
Oh I do love this series.
4/11/2022 c2 Thunderwolf7226
Thats true snow in texas does melt. I love how you brought the line from the first HoO book in here.
4/8/2022 c2 Thunderwolf7226
You're quite welcome.
4/7/2022 c1 Thunderwolf7226
Hmmm so a legacy of Poseidon and a son of Athena? This chapter was great, can't wait for more.

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