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3h c50 Megaboss52
One thing that seemed weird to me was Archer deciding to massacre the Lycans. I may be missing some perspective, but weren't they enslaved people taking revenge on their enslaver? Is that something that was worth killing them in Archer's eyes? It seems to me that he killed about 100 people so that he could save 1 person of minimal use to him so that she could "face justice". This just seems antithetical to the established character of Archer.
5h c50 wellingtonlucas282
Obrigado pelo capítulo incrível, Autor-San!
6h c50 1Trasgo Madaraz Artifex
So we get Olga being in the starting levels of the Himedere. . .
While Celestine probably will end up the Yandere. . .

Well, that's certainly something I bet no one expected.
7h c50 Temsen
Truly, nobody can piss off people like Archer, heh. :D
9h c50 555
Update again, their reunion is near
9h c50 SilverCrow
nice episode...EMIYA...LOL...u have Beowulf...sword...and more efect BEAST SLAYER...others
12h c50 GrumpyGrue
Anna got a flick to her head, not her bean.
14h c50 sickboy398
It is odd EMIYA being injured when fighting lycans , while he has fought dead apostles and other similar beings in large quantities, he has the mind's eye (true) skill which shows it's potential against armies or large number of foes,
UBW has lots of weapons, but he only uses his Kanshou and Bakuya (which is understandable), but the nuclear option is gae bolg, I'm sure there are weapons with passive abilities which can handle whatever problems arise , regarding the lycan situation, he has been a counter guardian for a long time ( being removed from the influence of time and reincarnation) , he should've have seen plenty of influential figures,their weapons and mystic codes that have powerful abilities

Anyway that was just me rambling, thanks for the chapter
15h c50 Guest
Holy shit can you just stop commenting keybladelight.
Get your mouth off Archer's dick goddamned Dick rider.
15h c50 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
15h c50 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude can't wait for the next update
15h c50 8RenegadeForLife
Maybe it's because I don't know that much about the Kuroinu setting but it kind of feels like the Lycans were totally in the right there. I mean, if I'm reading this situation correctly, then Olga enslaved literally their entire race to fight and die in a war that she hypocritically started because some humans enslaved some members of her own race.
15h c50 Masterx01
Saw the chapter and while i can say that it was alright for the most part, there were some issues in it that bugged me a bit.

The chief among those being Gae Bolg, for which i have to ask: Doesnt EMIYA have any other weapon beside that one?

Gae Bolg is a powerful weapon yes, but it is hardly the be all end all out of all the weapons he has stored in UBW and i find it very hard to believe that he didnt have a better option in there to deal with that pack of werewolves.

In fact, here is an example of one of the weapons he could have used to deal with that situation quite handly: Caladbolg, the original one.

That thing has high AoE that can easily reshape the whole landscape when used at full power and if EMIYA had activated that NP then and there he could have easily blow up that pack of werewolves to kingdom come and even if he didnt release the weapon's full power, he could have still used the less powered blasts and the giant drill itself to deal with the pack piece by piece.

Gea Bolg is a powerful weapon but its main advantage comes from the fact its causality reversal stab is a sure-kill move(if not interrupted) with a pretty cheap activation cost; its AoE attack, on the other hand, cheap it is not as it would take EMIYA nearly all his energy to activate it only once and its destructive power isnt as great as many of the other weapons in his arsenal as in the materials says that the maximun number of targets is just 50 people compared to Caladbolg's 300 or Excalibur's 1000 of which while EMIYA cannot project it, he does have other weapons capable outputing as much power as that one or so it says in the characters side materials.

I do not know why EMIYA is so fixated with this weapon in particular despite not liking the owner one bit and the sheer stupidity he displayed by attempting deal with that monster army several chapters ago has to rank in the top 5 of the most stupid things he had done it his life. So, i think you should do something about it as it is touching the OOC territory already.

To say nothing about what canon says about this:

Quote from the Edison's interlude.

"EMIYA: That’s rude, Lancer. I will say that. My things are my things. I only copy your Noble Phantasm through projection.

Mashu: Hyaa?

Cu Chulainn: Don’t you dare! If any other servants hear that level of remark they would kill you instantly you know!?

EMIYA: Well, even the amazing me can’t just recklessly project Gae Bolg class Noble Phantasms. Mashu’s Noble Phantasm is similar, it’s something of the area that I cannot copy."

So yes, EMIYA either cannot project Gae Bolg or he can only do so in special conditions, like being inside UBW as it happens with Excalibur Image in Fate Extra... Which would be fitting considering it is a weapon with a bullshit power.


The other issue comes from EMIYA being able to project Olga's staff. A regular staff i can get as it is a thing intended to be a weapon but a magician's staff is something intended to be a support object to help them with their magic just like a wand and im pretty sure UBW cannot do those and it is very unlikely said magic staff would retain its magical properties if EMIYA's projects it without UBW doing its thing.


"Would it be a bad idea to tell her that he sucked with any magecraft aside from Tracing?"

Technically the only spell he can do is UBW. Everything else derives from it.

"A few more items were auctioned off which he didn't pay much attention to. From weapons, shields and weird artifacts from forgotten lands, nearly all of them had gotten imprinted inside his Reality Marble with just a glance."

A reminder, UBW can only store weapons and things closely related to it like armors and shields, nothing else. If the artifact isnt any of those things then it wouldnt get recorded.

Well, thats all. Sorry if i got a bit long winded with this.

Thanks for the chapter.
16h c50 GUEST
16h c50 Shen1412
Well that was anti climatic for the wolf

Also is that succubus just a minor character for the situation only?

Great chapter as usual, looking forward for nwzt one
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