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1/17 c17 Guest
1/14 c2 XenoLucifer
you've changed too much, it's not even Danny Phantom anymore.
8/11/2022 c13 Tenshi-Tamagotchi-Ao
This my 10 times I read this story Danny and Ember are cute couple there are other people I ship him with but them two are my second favorite *evil laugh Jokes laughing with me* I say is I love how Lahkesis snorted when Mickey say faith never do this to him suffer Mickey sufferrrr
7/25/2022 c14 ryuofhi99
i like it hope to see more!
7/20/2022 c14 4DA Exodus
huh so Danny has a piece of the core of Phantom for the thrones Danny. I was wondering about that scene since the beginning of the story and that is pretty awesome. curious about the guardian part but I have a few guesses on whats going on there. curious if any of them will be correct. really looking forward to the next chapter and how everyone is going to react to whats happened so far
7/20/2022 c14 1PegasusIzuku24
YES! The Phantom is back
7/20/2022 c13 PegasusIzuku24
is it me or is Jazz being a real bitch and also when is Danny going to become Phantom
7/20/2022 c13 4DA Exodus
Great chapter. Was nice to see how everyone else reacted to Emberlyn's presence. Mikey is gonna be in for a rough time and i cant wait to see how that goes. Very curious about Sam's past now and I am hoping we can learn more about it. Seems like jazz is getting worse and can't wait for her to get a reality check cause it's gonna hit her hard. Really looking forward to the next chapter!
7/20/2022 c13 Nightcat77
Jazz still hasn't learned
7/14/2022 c11 189Luiz4200
Seeing Frostbite in this chapter makes me wonder: is Danny knows as The Great One in this fic's version of the Far Frozen?
7/13/2022 c11 4DA Exodus
good chapter. was not expecting the two of them to get that intimate this early into the story. really curious how things are gonna go and everyone else reactions when they find out. Really starting to get curious on when Danny will gain his ghost side and what will cause it. really looking forward to the next chapter!
7/11/2022 c10 DA Exodus
An interesting pair of chapters, was most defenitly not expecting danny to join the football team but it was actually really cool to see. We get to see ehat Rebekah is and she seems to be following in footsteps which was unexpected. The nocturn encounter was very nice and danny now knows about Emberlyn's ghost half which I feel was done really well as it was entertaining to have him enter her dream to help protect her. Interested to see how their relationship goes now as neither really denies their growing attraction for the other, I'm also wondering what nocturn sensed from danny when he said I felt pike a long lost ghost was trying to emerge. Overall these chapters worth the wait and I can't wait to see how future chapters pan out as things took a turn that I was not anticipating and that just makes reading even more fun
7/11/2022 c10 Nightcat77
seems like Nocturn may be an friend in the future
7/9/2022 c8 Guest
7/10/2022 c9 1PegasusIzuku24
can't wait for when Emberlynn moves to amity Park and see the jealous reaction from the female especially Sam
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