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for Kyoko Has a Sword

3/21 c38 H-Nala
Magic mucous!
3/12 c38 team-ispire-weirdoll
this story always makes me soft:)
3/12 c38 1snoo24
Hey, True Love, man. It's worth a little Kuon-waxing-poetic-over-his-killer-(and)-sexy-wife, right?

lololol I love how calmly Kuon asks Kyoko about her crazy activities, every time.

Kuon. The chicken feather? Genius.
3/11 c36 snoo24
"What's appetizer night?" Kuon asked, having learned his lesson.
Kyoko, give those merchants a *demonstration* of your knives. They clearly want one.
Kuon getting his nose booped was the mental image I didn't know I needed. Shhh Kuon, only Kyoko thoughts now. (and maybe about one small other half-Kyoko human)
LOL Kuu and Julie can taste it in the AIR
3/11 c38 29Parkerbear
What a delightful chapter! And of course Kuon is such a supportive husband. I...look forward to seeing if/when Julie turns into a goose. LOLOLOL. Thank you for the chapter! And as always, moar please.
3/3 c36 RukiYuki
Wooah this so sweet, I wonder if it going to be a boy or a girl?
2/7 c36 Guest
Loving this story so much I’m excited every time you post a character
2/5 c36 team-ispire-weirdoll
this was sucth a treat
2/5 c36 H-Nala
How did they know?
12/8/2023 c35 RukiYuki
Aww kuon you definitely sweet hubby
11/15/2023 c35 H-Nala
Extra storage lol
11/13/2023 c34 H-Nala
More knives!
11/8/2023 c35 1snoo24
omg the harnesses ahahahaha
11/8/2023 c33 snoo24
bahahaha why is Kuon so NAUGHTY and yet ADORABLE simultaneously?
10/16/2023 c35 Blushweaver
I freaking love it. I was laughing from start to finish of this chapter. My gosh I needed that. Oblivious Kyoko and horny retraining himself Ren is my fav. It's amazing. And you guys continue to dish it out so beautifully for us. Thank you!
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