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1/18 c1 2Selena92

I love that glimpse into Yukine's feelings and motivations! I am so glad he is there for Yato.

Poor Yato is a survivor of abuse and it is a tragedy that the abuse is still ongoing (thinks of all the times in canon "Father" used hjs Ayakashi to nearly kill Yato before forcing him to do his bidding).

Yato deserves to be saved from that man he is forced to call father. He deserves to be free and happy and the god he was actually meant to be: a god of happiness and protection (because I refuse to accept the bs "Father" is spewing, which is that Yato cannot remake himself. He already did, by taking on the name Yato. Yaboku is dead. Yato is Yato. Father is dead-naming Yato).

Yato also deserves a whole lot of hugs and comforting.

12/16/2022 c1 Aureia

I love Yukine's insistence on forever! I think he will be there for good. It's geartbreaking that Yato is so convinced he won't though. That Yukine will leave him.

Just as heartbreaking is the fact that there is no way to get completely rid of that name, of Yaboku and escape his "father" for good (currently, cause I will find a way, I will fight canon on this, Yato deserves to be free of his father and the name he so hates. A dead name). Yato's true name is Yato. He shouldn't have to be bound to Yaboku like he is. It's a dead name, like the person he once was because he didn't know better. It's like when someone transitions and people refuse to use their chosen name, instead going with the name the parents initially gave them because they didn't know they had a daughter trapped within the body of a son- or the reverse. Dead naming is a no go.

I want to hug Yato so much. And cuddle him protectively.


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9/23/2022 c1 AnythingOnce
Oh, I never considered this angle with the shinki names and Yato vs Yaboku, but I love it and it's makes so much sense.

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4/20/2022 c1 Fareis
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4/14/2022 c1 Aofery
It was a hard week but honestly? This was just so sweet it made it worth it. I love sm when Yukine and Yato get to understand each other and I just needed the wholesomeness today. Tysm! I sure hope you've been okay!
4/12/2022 c1 SlyRatchet4
Love it. :D

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4/12/2022 c1 liittle Ghostt
I was thinking just yesterday about how I wish your published a new Yato & Yukine fic and you actually did it today! I'm lucky. Love it as always. I love how you write Yukine's mindset. Your way of portraying the characters is so accurate that your fics feel canon and that's why I love them so much. I've noticed that you usually write Yato & Yukine fics from Yukine's pov? Love that. Although I'd love to read more YatoYuki fics by you from Yato's perspective about Yukine :D
Btw, did you read chapter 99.2? If not, go read it now! What're your thoughts on it? And would you like to/are you planning on writing a Yato & Yukine centered fic about their current state? I'd love to read it! Since you haven't actually written anything about the Hagusa event? Would love to read something about that in your writing and perspective. Just a suggestion, no pressure! As always, thank you for sharing your stories, they bring me so much comfort and I like to come back to them and reread them. There aren't many Noragami fic writers out there yknow. Glad you're here.

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4/10/2022 c1 28the-fluffy-otaku13
Yukine watching Yato carefully even tho Yato’s naturally used to hiding is awesome
4/10/2022 c1 the-fluffy-otaku13

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