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for To Fix that was Broken

4/27 c10 jafr86
great story I hope you continue.
3/23 c10 Isharnai
I really liked this. It's not dead is it?
2/18 c10 James Birdsong
Lovely four chapters! Yay!
1/8 c10 SGKaisa
this is cool, i hope it's not dead
7/17/2023 c10 24fvdv123
good story
7/13/2023 c10 EP
6/14/2023 c9 Ronin Kenshin
awesomeness i just want more and more of this great work
6/13/2023 c9 stacygrrl2002
Going after the diadem I presume, maybe planning for umbridge. Headmistress, huh. Bet that shook up a lot of beings. Fawkes seems approving. She shut snape up easily enough, and twice.
6/13/2023 c9 Logical-Tadkins
Loving Iris more and more every chapter!
6/9/2023 c8 1HorusRa
Oh OH... Trouble is on the Way, first Rule of the Potter Fannon Survival, you do Not Bully, Little Luna, that is a quick way to get Cumberstomped By the MC... and Iris as a secodary Headmistress...
6/9/2023 c8 deppenjaeger
i gotta be honest,.. i forgot about this story.
but i just read it again in the whole and its jsut plain epic :)
pleae continue with the way the story is going :)
6/9/2023 c8 Ronin Kenshin
awesome i love this fic great stuff
5/24/2023 c7 Ronin Kenshin
cool fic i like the angles your taking can't wait to see where you take it from here great work
5/10/2023 c7 neuvlara
Really good
I love it
Hope for next chapter soon

5/5/2023 c6 johnny99
Great story, I hope you continue this.
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