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for Along Came a Spider 2

6/1 c38 moon shadow 31
Great chapter. Panther fan. Love the playoffs
5/31 c39 Will the Werewolf
great update
5/30 c39 GorGirl
How fun they're all there! Oh no - I'm all caught up now.
5/30 c38 GorGirl
Al and Alice are both really good friends to Bella!
5/30 c37 GorGirl
Maybe Caius will be traded!
5/30 c39 TheGreenPanther
Good chapter. Glad Bella approached Alice. Roy creeps me out.I hope Victoria is smart enough to avoid him.
5/30 c39 Flippysten
Live all the support Bella has. Swooning at Edward surprising her, he's so sweet!
5/30 c36 GorGirl
I'll miss a Vladdy!
5/30 c35 GorGirl
Well that's shitty. Losing Vladdy a catching a Caius(like i disease).
5/29 c39 Mistyann lindsey-Thomas
Will there be more love this story and where it going
5/29 c34 GorGirl
Glad Stephan had a good game! Bella's doctor is nice.
5/29 c39 2NKubie
What a wonderful surprise! And I wish I could book a stay at Whitlock Ranch! ;)

Stay safe and well!
5/29 c39 Momma Laura
Don't you just love the family? All of them?
5/29 c39 AnakinSmom
I just love Al and Garrett and they way they feel about Bella and Edward. It's good that she had the talk with Alice and let her know a few things. Time for Alice to come out of the owners closet I think.
5/29 c39 kneon
Another great chapter. I want to go stay at the Whitlock Ranch.

I'm glad Bella talked to Alice about the Victoria and Roy situation. I'm also glad Alice was receptive to the information.
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