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14h c52 Will the Werewolf
good update
4/8 c52 1divyvicki
Great chapter. Bella’s blood test was a big surprise! Can’t wait to see what the resolution is!
4/8 c52 Zveka
was she adopted?
4/7 c52 SeptemberGirl 7
The bloodwork continues to be a mystery…not only would the confrontation be stressful for Renee and Charlie, but for Bella and her pregnancy. But she needs to find out…it’s a matter of time.
Too bad about Ben, but I’m hoping this means that Edward will be the WINNING GOALIE in the playoffs making him MVP…and his decision to stay in Dallas was correct all along.
Thanks so much!
4/5 c52 shadow405
Nothing like the drama of a race to the playoffs at the end of a season. And sometimes injuries can make the difference. I hope Ben is ok. And poor Bella. I understand her reasoning for not wanting to bother her parents, but at the same time I don't think she should go forever without answers. These things always have a way of coming out at some point. These days its usually through sites like Ancestry. Maybe Bella should get on one of those. See if she has long lost cousins out there. But she needs to be ready for the answers.
4/4 c52 MamaJoyof3-ObsessedMama
What an unexpected revelation in this chapter! Not sure how you’re gonna resolve Bella’s parental problem. I’m still so in love with Spider and his love for his Doc!

I’m also worried about Ben.
Greatt chapter!
4/4 c52 everlong21
Love the hockey talk and the Cullen couple life. Thanks for the update, as always :)
4/3 c52 2NKubie
This is putting a lot of pressure on Spider for the end of the season. I hope they go all the way with Edward on net! Of course, we all do. ;) I do hope Ben is okay, though.

This whole thing with Bella’s parentage is quite the mystery! I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

Stay safe and well!
4/2 c52 twificfan
4/2 c52 cocoa blizzard
4/1 c52 1Alice's White Rabbit
Oh, that was a little bombshell mystery about Bella and her blood type! Can't wait to find out the answer of her parentage. And, what has happened to Ben?

4/1 c52 mysticfighter111
While it is good to know that Bella's blood-work was not tempered with, the results are a bomb. And yes, it is not a good time for either Renee, Charlie nor her to discuss the matter, but I'm afraid that if she doesn't confront her parents, it will eat at her and theories will get out of proportion. Judging from her impression, Charlie got suspicious of her line of questioning and may have answers ready.
The other big bomb is Big Ben's injury. A huge chance for Edward and Stefan to shine and save the day, but a less than ideal outlook for the playoffs anyway.
4/1 c52 2fuzzyltlwingedthing
I can't wait to hear from Spider's dad. I expect him to pop out somewhere like a jump scare. Also, the pre-read contest is genius!
4/1 c52 farkaskriszta
4/1 c52 ChristyWIX
Ack! I know you said, a long time ago, this one would stop at sixty chapters, but . . . sigh. I do love this story so much. You’ve developed deep connections with each of these wonderful characters. And I do mean each character. The side characters are also so well written, it'll be sad when it’s over. It is so strange to me how Bella shares Charlie's eyes, but may not be related at all. Maybe someone left the baby at the police station, as we do have those laws saying the parent can do so without ramifications . What is weird though, is their family is so very close, but they never told her she isn’t related to one or both of her parents. What if they do not know? What if she was switched at birth? No, you wouldn’t introduced something this strange with only eight chapters left. I'll wait to see how you play this out. Enjoyed the team heavy writing. I miss watching hockey so much. Our cable company dropped the channel they play on, as they couldn’t reach an agreement. It has been an interesting year not watching our favorite sport. However, it sure isn’t a season to write home about, as they’ve only just hit their seventeenth win (*shudders*) for the season last evening. With a shutout!? I can understand the team saying a 'lower body injury' to the press, but why wouldn’t they go into more detail with the teammates? Odd. Hope he is okay, as they’ll need him down the stretch. Unless this is how you get Edward his Stanley Cup, as he has to be in net each game. Which would be great. What a way to end your career as a player. On the high of winning the cup. Poor Renée and her hair loss. So sad. My MIL lost hers in one fell swoop. She felt an itch, scratched it and the whole head of hair came off in a sort of cradle cap. So bizarre. My husband lost all of his during chemo as well. Found out he has a really nice head under the hair, lol. His all grew back, thankfully. My father never lost his hair during chemo. Some lose it, some don’t. It’s luck of the draw, sadly. I'm thrilled the D Magazine article and photos were a hit with our couple. Whew. Hopefully, they don’t get too much from others about it. Edward could get the photo enlarged and printed as canvas, as a painting for his office wall. She said only one for the house, why not do it up right. Thank you for such a big chapter. Really enjoyed it.
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