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for Along Came a Spider 2

16h c25 1divyvicki
Poor Edward!
17h c24 divyvicki
So is Carlisle or Jacob behind these rumors?
17h c23 divyvicki
Glad Carlisle was there to ruin it for them
23h c22 divyvicki
What a wonderful exchange between Al and Bella.
23h c21 divyvicki
Shouldn't everything between her and Sam be settled before she increases her net worth by that much?
12/2 c43 Cina's
That was a wonderful update. Hope Bella can remain one atep ahead of Roy. Will he trade Edward to get back at her?
12/1 c19 divyvicki
Poor Bella.
12/1 c18 divyvicki
Wonder who that could be!
12/1 c17 divyvicki
Sounds like a fun evening!
12/1 c16 divyvicki
Al is such a hoot!
11/30 c48 EdwardsVampTramp
God, Roy is such a slug! I think he's holding something over or hiding something from Alice.
Wanna bet Carlisle steals from the McCarty's?
Happy writing if you get a chance!
11/27 c48 dfuerman
LOVE this story! I can't wait for update!
11/27 c48 1Alice's White Rabbit
Oh, Bella and Jason have their work cut out for themselves, dealing with Roy Sr. I hope they can nail him for something shady.

11/27 c48 1Azlady2003
the more and more I read I wouldn't be shocked if Roy turns out to be bellas father and that's why he makes the comments he does and is so invested...maybe he wants Bella to take over the company from Alice and that's why he has hinder her...hoping Bella can team up with Bella and win Roy at his game
11/27 c48 NeeNee246
I love this story! ;)
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