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for Along Came a Spider 2

7/8 c41 1Azlady2003
love it
7/8 c30 blb1000
Ah oh. Is she running from Carl?
7/8 c41 lillianolivia.white
I do think Al has an idea that they have eloped. He just seems to have a second sense. I loved the chapter, and I loved the story of the meaning behind their wedding rings. I love that Scout and Shadow are going to be there for the wedding.
7/8 c41 SassYNoleS
7/8 c41 7Lizzie Paige
That sure sounded like a lot of stress and organisation for an elopement! I had a chuckle, as it’s certainly not a standard “let’s just do this” scenario. I’m not really getting the wanting to keep things quiet, waiting for a best time to share the news. Considering everything they have going on, and all the people they interact with, I’m sure someone will figure it all out. *shrugs* One thing is very evident, and that’s his love for her and peanut, which is just so precious.
7/8 c41 mnnlisa
I love EPOV. Exciting times for them. The rings sound amazing
7/8 c41 ellekat08
What a beautiful chapter.
EPOV is always my favorite.
He’s always so thoughtful, thinking about the rings, her comfort and love, love when he talks to pumpkin, he’s gonna be a great dad.
Thanks for the update, love it. :)
7/8 c41 keraatchley05
Awesome story so far! Loved this chapter! Can't wait to see what will happen next!
7/8 c41 24gabby1017
This chapter was another perfect fit, leading up to 'their' moment!
7/8 c41 11Eternally Addicted
.GOSH. Where do I begin. I think I have been rendered nearly speechless. Notice I said nearly. lol GAH, I am with Sage, who I absolutely adore. These two, they just ooze love. It radiates out of them. Those touches, kisses, looks, its just so wonderful, endearing and beautiful to witness and read about. It's the stuff of fairy tales, but for them its so very very real and I love it. I was a little surprised by Bella suddenly not wanting to tell anyone about their elopement. I totally understand her wanting to protect Pumpkin. Far too often the children of celebs get exploited in the media, and that's not good and is so very wrong. But I do wonder if she will change her mind when she has to take off her wedding rings in order to keep their secret. And I also wonder if there is the possibility that someone might recognize them in Vegas and spill the beans. Seems to happen all the time. And I am curious to see if Al has figured it out and was fishing for her to tell him. Can't wait to see what happens if he has and he asks her. What will she say? My bet is on her telling him. She might ask him to keep it to himself and Garrett, but I can't see her fibbing to him. I can't wait for their special moment and all it entails. While I am sad that we likely won't get it until after you are back from TFMU, I hope you have a fabulous time. I am really really hoping I can make it next year. Loved the chapter so much, thank you for sharing your wonderful words with us!
7/8 c41 tff000
would be fun to see who teaches pumpkin the f word - lol
7/8 c41 TrulyOutrageous
Good reading!
7/8 c41 edwards-debussy
Thank you! Loved this so, so much :)
7/8 c41 52old4fanfic
I was expecting Al to storm the castle!
7/8 c41 starsmina
Besides, Al, Sage is one of my favorites as well. I think he’s more excited about them getting married than they are.
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