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for Along Came a Spider 2

5/16/2022 c5 Cina's
What a wonderful update! Edward is just so damned cute. Hope it’s Emily.
5/16/2022 c5 bobbysgirl1976
5/15/2022 c5 29Rebadams7
All my trams are now out but I did get to one playoff game. Yes Bella. Do the Dallas interview with the photos and don’t overboard the promotion but let them know where they can find you. Consider it a public service. Bravo
5/15/2022 c5 Team66fan
Stayed up late enjoying your story... wallowing after sad game 7 outcomes. Pens fan here :(

I hope there is an ad special, buy 2 billboards get bus panels for free. So Sam sees lone star dental every where. Emily as her newest patient would be the cherry on top.
5/15/2022 c5 52old4fanfic
I want a vacation in Mexico— but only if Edward is part of the package!
5/15/2022 c5 Mistydeb
Bella always gets good advice from Al and he always puts it into a perspective Bella can go along with. Those photos sound amazing. Well done for the nomination Debbie
5/15/2022 c4 Mistydeb
Sage sounds so much like Al, I’m sure Gare wouldn’t cope with the two of them together….please do that at some point. Sounds like the photoshoot will go extremely well and they will have a great night. Lol at Edwards jealousy about the massage. Debbie
5/15/2022 c5 everlong21
Oh geez. OK, do the billboard. Not my style but I like to live vicariously through Bella and her fabulous life lol
5/15/2022 c5 debslmac
5/15/2022 c5 pipelynn
Loved this! Love Al too! My Nashville predators are sadly out…
5/15/2022 c5 mnnlisa
Those photos sound awesome. Time to knock out Uley and get Lone Star Dental on the map.
5/15/2022 c5 shadow405
So proud of Bella. It's all about one step at a time. She is handling a lot of life changes all at once. But I think she is doing well, with support from all the people in her life. She just needs time to adjust.
5/15/2022 c5 1Azlady2003
loved the update... seems sam is being sneaky and using Bella still, I would have my lawyer send a ceasist notice but I love the billboard idea it would allow her to take her patients backwithout using the patient list
5/15/2022 c5 3Evelyne-raconte
An other EXCELLENT chapter !
I love those characters and what you do with them.
Thank you !
5/15/2022 c5 Flippysten
Wow those pictures sound amazing! Ooh hoping for wedding bells soon! Looks the their practice is coming together.
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