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for Along Came a Spider 2

5/7/2022 c4 SassYNoleS

This trip is everything for them .. their love, their playfulness, and the warm they share is amazing!

LOVED the details of the photo shoot, Sage was a crack up!

I also love that Bella spent sometime with Charlie and Craig and asked questions about their life together, that was great!

Fantastic chapter and so cannot wait for more X
5/7/2022 c4 tff000
5/7/2022 c4 SeptemberGirl 7
Bella is ‘hungry’ again…so I’m still guessing she may be pregnant.
I’m glad they are getting some fabulous photos taken together on the beach…perfect for engagement pics!?
5/7/2022 c4 Mom23xx
Love a good massage! They are just adorable!
5/7/2022 c4 4snoopylover60
Great.. and Sage? He needs to meet Bella's possie. He'd die and go to heaven ;)

Wonder if Carlisle will see and comment on these fantastic photo's? I am sure him and Jakepoo will not be happy!

Loved and looking forward to more :D
5/7/2022 c4 tas62
The two are so cute and Jim Craig was my favorite on the miracle team of 1980.
5/7/2022 c4 12Eternally Addicted
What a fun chapter. I had a feeling Spider was not gonna like another man's hands on his girl. Especially while she was naked. Their photo shoot sounds amazing and I am betting not only are they burning up Dianna's camera, but that Dianna, Sage, or anyone else who sees those pictures will have no doubt about how much these two love each other. It will surely be so clear how much in love they are. Jim and his wife seem wonderful and I loved their advice for a long marriage. It'd be cool if Jim, his wife, and Edward and Bella could all keep in touch. Their bond is definitely deepening and I suspect Bella is very much warming up to the idea of her title changing from girlfriend to wife. Loved the chapter and can't wait for more!
5/7/2022 c4 cullensrule
I love this chapter. They way they take care of each other is wonderful.
5/7/2022 c4 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Those photos would be GORGEOUS!
5/7/2022 c4 Jen1072
That was great and funny.
5/7/2022 c4 2xkoolxmonkyx
I need a massage so baaaaaaaaad. and I want Sage to be my new friend
5/7/2022 c4 annaharding
Fun times in Mexico!
5/7/2022 c4 52old4fanfic
A massage with Edward— works for me
5/7/2022 c3 annaharding
You post quickly - thanx! Just got the alert for the next chapter so...
That was some sharefest the guys had. I'm surprised. I don't know of many/any guys who are honest like that. Stefan was brave!
Fun times in the pool!
5/4/2022 c3 luvyateamedward
The love part cracked me up. Great writing! Thanks for sharing. Confession I have never seen the movie Miracle even though know what it is about. LOL!
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