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for Along Came a Spider 2

4/25/2022 c2 frostedglaze
James has done it again, honestly he does not deserve Victoria, though Ben might. What the hell was Angela thinking?! As for Jessica and her snooping, I don't remember if she is a good person or not. At the moment she is acting like a jealous snippy the way, wasn't Edward supposed to tell his friend as well as Bella, that he used to have sex with Jessica?
4/25/2022 c2 PCCTwiFF23
Oh my... these boys and their self-imposed dilemmas! Lol! Not gonna lie, I was highly, highly irritated with Cap interrupting the fun times with our two lovebirds! It. Was. Right... There! lmfao!
4/25/2022 c2 1Azlady2003
love it and hopefully James idiotacy helped Ben get rid of dead weight. I'm sad Angela isn't book angela...but love what you're doing
4/25/2022 c1 Azlady2003
I'm thinking Charlie will lay into Carlisle and jake
4/24/2022 c2 traceybuie
Bella and Edward both, are helping team members along with getting their sexy time on. I loved this chapter. I feel bad for Ben though. Thanks for writing and sharing.
4/24/2022 c2 FrustratedLawStudent
Hot, fun, light chapter with some drama brewing... can't wait for more of their vacation! thanks for sharing!
4/24/2022 c2 Cullenosopy
I would not have answered the door.

Thank you!
4/24/2022 c2 yumali8di
This story is still so much fun!
4/24/2022 c2 tff000
4/24/2022 c2 AnakinSmom
Mexican mimosa for one right here please!
4/24/2022 c2 NeeNee246
OMG! Quite an exciting start to there vacation! lol ALL THE CRAZINESS! I love it! ;)
4/24/2022 c2 mysticfighter111
While Fin will probably be able to remedy his proposal-problems with Jess, I don't see a good solution for the Ben-Cap-Angela-triangle short of sending her home.
4/24/2022 c2 fanfictionalcolic
Some vacation!
4/24/2022 c2 mommymac0508
I love it oh my goodness that was a funny but amazing chapter thank you
4/24/2022 c2 cahtx
Thanks for the update.
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