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for Along Came a Spider 2

11/25/2023 c14 1divyvicki
Glad they found a clinical trial for Renee!
11/25/2023 c48 2xkoolxmonkyx
Jason is such a good lawyer and a realistic person. that's hard to find! I'm nervous for Bella, but moreso just bc that man is going to be hell to deal with. And we don't need Edward ending up in jail for swinging on a man lol. I completely forgot about the Nashville connectionnice tie in! I hope Edward isn't mad about the tracker. I can't blame Bella for doing it so that whenever they need to find Carlisle they can. And I'm excited for Leah!

fantastic update and im looking forward to more Jazzward too :D
11/25/2023 c48 ChristyWIX
This was a lot of doom and gloom from Jason. I think the offices, possibly even Jason's, are bugged. Which could be illegal, but they’d have to prove it was him and we know it would be nigh impossible to do so. I do think he may be telling Alice lies to somehow extend his 'value' there within the organization but, I do not think he has anything over Alice. She may just still be trusting the man, when she really shouldn’t, yet has no idea. Unless she does have suspicions and her very own attorney findings, just like Jason has. Perhaps if they join forces, they’d take this puissant down for once and for all. I really like the idea of Leah moving there. I think she’d be so much happier being around Bella, her family and her friends. And, the whole time Bella and Jason were talking, I kept wondering if Leah and he would hit it off. She may be just enough wild for his strait laced self. He may be just what she needs to feel secure and free at the same time. Unless you’ve got plans to get Vladdy back to the team, then save Leah for him, as they hit it off so well. I miss Vladdy. Actually, I miss the whole team as we’ve not heard from them in a while. Need some Edward and his teammates. I think Bella needs to warn Emmett of what she thinks is happening in Tennessee. He needs to warn his parents this man is a con man and will screw with them fully with nary a care. Especially with his mama being so inviting and personable. Eek.
11/25/2023 c48 Mom23xx
Love the update! And wow that is a lot to digest! Happy holidays, and enjoy that new baby!
11/25/2023 c13 1divyvicki
What a wonderful discussion between Edward and Charlie!
11/25/2023 c48 52old4fanfic
Royce is like a weed, his roots run deep and far
11/25/2023 c48 mnnlisa
Bella ain't messing around, and Jason knows he needs to keep working. Roy is a challenge.
11/25/2023 c12 1divyvicki
Sam has a mole! I love it
11/25/2023 c48 traceybuie
Leah moving to Texas would be great for her. She would be close to people she actually likes and lots of new people too.
Jason's warning about Roy was kind of ominous. I would be tempted to just put my head down. But Bella will definitely not stay quiet. lol I look forward to her smart bad ass dentist ways. Thanks for writing and sharing.
11/25/2023 c48 tff000
11/25/2023 c48 cctwilight
I hope Bella can get the upper hand on Roy but I am afraid she is starting so far behind.
11/25/2023 c48 SMB1988
Wow - a lot to sort through...
11/25/2023 c48 AnakinSmom
Scoundrel is too nice a word to describe Royce Sr.
11/25/2023 c48 annaharding
So much deviousness going on!
11/25/2023 c47 keraatchley05
Excellent chapter! Can't wait to see what will happen next!
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