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11/11/2023 c47 Mistyann lindsey-Thomas
11/11/2023 c47 tff000
11/11/2023 c47 Teamrob2
Congratulations on your new grandchild. Best feeling ever.

Great chapter. I am glad she told Edward about Roy.
Looking forward to the interview.

11/11/2023 c47 1canadiantwilight
ohhh hell yea cant wait to read more...:)
11/11/2023 c47 12Eternally Addicted
I got the alert for your website first so I hurried over there and read the chapter, but didn't see a place to comment. Wondering if the reason Carlisle was in Nashville was to scold Edward over him and Bella getting hitched. Sounds like ha had a bit of a temper tantrum. I agree with Bella. Roy is very much has a God complex going on right now. The man definitely likes having power and control over everything and everyone around him. And I am very curious to know how and why they have managed to keep Alice on the behind the scenes for so long. Has he messed with her head or somehow made her believe that she can't handle the job? Alice doesn't come off as one who isn't smart of know her way around a handling a business. I could see her not knowing the ins and outs of a hockey team, and wanting Roy and Royce to handle the team. But as far as the other businesses, why isn't she stepping up with them? Makes me wonder if Roy has something to hold over her head. He seems like the type that would definitely do that. Or maybe he has done things for her, like he offered to do for Bella, like paying off her loans, or making Sam go away, and so Alice feels indebted to him and feels like she owes him to let him run things. Whatever it is, I have a feeling Doc won't stop until she gets the answers.
I would LOVE to read their interview. I am curious to see just how much they share. I do believe they will share their new marital status. after all anyone can see the rings on their fingers. But I am not sure if they will share the rest. WE all know that Spider has wanted to marry Doc for forever, but I wonder if they shared about Pumpkin if the public eye might spin it anything like what Carlisle did and claim Bella trapped him. Again, we all know that's not true. They both wanted and were ready for a baby, I just think something like that kind of negative drama out there would be hard for Doc. I guess we will see next chapter. Love that they are getting to see Diego again. Also chuckled out loud when Maria said she'd switch to Bella's new office. lol Bye Bye to another patient Sam. lol
I am curious to see where you are going with the thing with Bella's blood type. I'd originally thought that two RH positive parents couldn't have a negative child, but have since learned that's not true. My original thinking had me wondering if perhaps Charlie wasn't Bella's biological father. But now I am not sure where you are going with it. So very curious to see. Maybe it was simply a lab screw up, or maybe Roy had it messed with to show Bella just how far of a reach he has. That would be one scary thing to know. Someone needs to knock that God complex right off his shoulder. But carefully as they do it. Because I think with Roy the the possibility for a lot of collateral damage is always possible. Loved the chapter and as always, looking forward to the next one. Congratulations again on becoming a grandma. Its truly one of the best things in life. I have 7 grandbabies and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Thank you for the update, and Go Henrick! He deserves the hall and so much more!
11/11/2023 c47 biblepam
They are SO sweet together.
11/11/2023 c47 7Lizzie Paige
I’m glad Bella divulged all that transpired with Roy, Edward needs to know so he won’t be caught on the back foot if there’s are any further developments. I agree with Bella, I think there are definite reasons why he’s manipulating tge Alice situation. Hoping we find out what’s going on soon.
I wonder why Edward didn’t tell Bella that he knew where Carlisle was before now, just bad timing, or not used to sharing everything as yet? Communication is key!
Well hello again, Diego! This little guy is precious and a delightful surprise for them.
I’m hoping the interview goes well. And yes, I hope they share all the news they’re comfortable with. Edward has practically outed their marriage on his socials, would seem silly to just ignore that fact now. *shrugs*
Congratulations again on becoming a grandmother, how exciting for you all! :) x
11/9/2023 c46 Moltz
Roy, Sam, Jake, Carlisle…issues with all these men are making Bella’s life difficult.
Is Renee’s recovery contingent on any of Roy’s holdings?
Does Roy really have that much of a strangle on the situation?
Alice own 51%, she doesn’t need Roy to make the final decisions. Royce has to learn how to act on his own without Roy’s interference.
Victoria has no idea Roy is meddling in her life.
Now I’m worried that Caius will be targeted by Roy and his sobriety destroyed.
Is the Whitlock Ranch beholden to Roy? That doesn’t make sense if Alice’s father was involved before he died.
Any chance Roy had his brother killed so he could take over the team ownership?
Edward is completely in the dark.
11/9/2023 c45 Moltz
Edward’s more insatiable than pregnant Bella, hehehe.
Now it’s back to their daily schedules.
11/9/2023 c44 Moltz
Jake the snake is continuing his attempts to break up Edward and Bella through social media.
11/9/2023 c43 Moltz
Was Carlisle there at the gambling tables or was it Jake?
What a great way to end Bella’s first Vegas trip with a Win!
11/9/2023 c42 Moltz
Their wedding day was perfection from start to finish.
Wish I could have been there, lol.
11/9/2023 c41 Moltz
You’ve painted a beautiful picture for us to build upon with our imagination.
I would love to see this on a big scene as it unfolds.
Edward’s ring choices with the aid of Vlady’s Aunt (or mom?) are extremely special.
Bella’s going to take a hit from Al once he finds out Sage has taken over as her wedding specialist.
11/9/2023 c40 Moltz
Im impressed that Safe and Diana jumped at the chance to help Edward with their elopement.
…..Catch and Release days are over… that’s so cute.
11/9/2023 c39 Moltz
Al and Garrett we a surprise, Esme too; but Edward finding his way to her was not.
I hope Alice is ready to take on more visibility within the teams ownership. Hopefully Bella didn’t put a target on her back by confirming with Alice how Roy has been manipulating not only Alice but the players as well.
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