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for Along Came a Spider 2

11/8/2023 c23 Moltz
Bella’s inner monologue finds a way to out her at the most interesting moments.
Charlie has found his second chance.
Renee has a new network of supporters.
Esme doesn’t seem as happy with Carlisle as she pretends.
11/7/2023 c22 Moltz
Beautifully written tender moments shared by all involved in this special day.
11/7/2023 c21 Moltz
Big steps taken in their life partnership planning.
11/7/2023 c20 Moltz
Man, that was an estrogen packed chapter.
Emily figured out the betrayal of her husband, Renée having a confused mindset over her treatment and prognosis, Bella getting the bill for retribution against Sam; it’s all very intense.
And then Edward sends to perfect mother/daughter lunch.
11/7/2023 c19 Moltz
Ella took two hits: Edward’s revelation that he interviewed for a job in a different state; Renée stating she doesn’t want to pursue cancer treatments.
11/7/2023 c18 Moltz
Edward’s so smooth he can rise to the challenge and fit in with any group.
Who could be asking for him at the bar?
11/7/2023 c17 Moltz
What a fun night for the collective hockey club.
11/7/2023 c16 Moltz
The team was not much help for Edward’s proposal dilemma.
Al was almost as useful, lol.
Carlisle is a huge problem.
When will Edward figure out Jake is not his friend?
11/7/2023 c15 Moltz
I’m so glad Charlie decided to eavesdrop on Carlisle’s pathetic attempt to apologize.
Edward is probably not far behind.
11/7/2023 c14 Moltz
The road is about to get rough for the Swan family.
Living on Alice’s property will be a good thing.
Al arranging the impromptu wedding for Bella’s parents will be his gift to her.
11/7/2023 c13 Moltz
Dr. Bella put her favorite patient in his place, lol.
The personal chat between Edward and Charlie was what they both needed to solidify the family bond.
11/7/2023 c46 52old4fanfic
Oh boy, Roy!
11/6/2023 c12 Moltz
Yes, Someone else is will to assist Bella taking Sam Uley down.
11/6/2023 c11 Moltz
This will be another trying week as Bella’s parents navigate a new city and doctors.
11/6/2023 c10 Moltz
Bella takes much longer to get to the mental space that Edward finds so easily.
Rent the house to her parents.
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