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11/12/2023 c47 VryUnique
Wow! Alice owns everything. I can see Roy walking around letting everyone
believe he owns it all. I would assume it's a big power trip that comes
with a lot of clout and prestige. If Alice stepped in and took control of what
belongs to her, what would Roy be left with? I'm sure he would still be rich
but he would loose control over all Alice's holdings. I would also like to know
why Roy is keeping such close tabs on Bella and her family. Could it really all
be about Victoria? It sounds like he was looking into Bella before Victoria since
he knows all about Sam and the Country Club. My theory that he maybe had his
eye on Bella from the beginning fell thru a bit with the threatening he did but on the
other hand I can't imagine why he was looking into her so early on. It can't be because
she was dating a hockey player since he only seems to stick his nose in when it affects
him. Getting rid of Vladdy wasn't a good decision for the team. Maybe he just likes to control everything and everyone around him and prepares for all contingencies.
I agree with Edward, Roy was threatening Bella. Edward should go and pay
off all loans. They are married now, what they have belongs to both of them.
Edward wrote a will that says so, Bella needs to do the same. Bella could still
take the mortgage out every month and put it back into their account.
Thanks for the update!
Congratulations on your new grand baby! That's awesome!
11/11/2023 c47 TheGreenPanther
Would love the interview!
So glad they are the type of couple to share all (i.e. Roy's BS!).
11/11/2023 c47 twilightobsesser2
Would love to read the interview!
11/11/2023 c47 allidel
Congratulations! That's so exciting, and I'm glad you were able to be there for her arrival!

I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about what's coming up between Roy & Carlisle. I can't wait to see what happens next! :)
11/11/2023 c47 2NKubie
I love Bellasaurus! I, for one, am interested in reading the interview.

Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! What an exciting time!

Stay safe and well!
11/11/2023 c47 cocoa blizzard
11/11/2023 c47 twibrarian88
I had to go back and read the previous chapter, which pissed me off all over again! ;)

The sooner Alice and Victoria are told the truth, the better.

I would like to read what happened in the interview. It will be a miracle if Edward can keep his mouth shut about anything - that boy is so proud of it all!

Thanks for sharing your time and talent, and congratulations on becoming a grandmother.

- Deb VanAntwerp
11/11/2023 c47 Mom23xx
I’d love the interview to see what they share. Great update.
11/11/2023 c47 cctwilight
Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter! I hope Edward and Bella handle their interview without any issues.
11/11/2023 c47 cyndy d
Congratulations on your promotion to grandmother. It must be such a moving experience to watch your child become a parent. Congratulations to your family on your new addition.

I hope that Bella and pumpkin will be okay. That this situation with Roy doesn't become to much for her at this time. She has enough on her plate without adding his shenanigans too.
I glad that Edward knows what is going on have such a great honest relationship and are truly a team.
11/11/2023 c47 SassYNoleS

I am glad that Bella and Edward have discussed what Roy is doing .. I loved the way he was so pissed that Roy had the hide to threaten Bella and in turn pumpkin! I think if all the guys on the team knew what Roy SNR was upto and knew that Alice actually owns the team, they'd have no worries in Alice taking front and center. I also know if Edward took a stand against Roy SNR, the rest of the team would too!

Little Diego is such a cutie .. I loved the way he was with Doctor Bella and Mr Edward!

Talking about Edward, his insta post was so adorable!

I have so much love for this chapter and so cannot wait for more XX

Congrats Grandma, being one and being there in the room with your daughter is a bond like no other .. I experienced that for the first time 18 weeks ago 3
11/11/2023 c47 ellekat08
Congratulations! How exiting.

I wonder what is going on with the blood type.
And I’m glad she shared everything about Roy.
Our favorite couple is gonna do great in the interview.
Your Edward/this Edward is one of my favorites.

Thanks for the update. :)
11/11/2023 c47 1JulieToo
Congratulations! I have 2 grandchildren and they are precious. Even when they are naughty.

Stil squicked out about Roy. And Carlisle. And probably Jacob, even though he wasn’t part of the chapter.
11/11/2023 c47 Luvntwilight
Thanks for updating.
11/11/2023 c47 SeptemberGirl 7
Awesome chapter….glad Bella told Edward about her confrontation with Roy. Everything about that meeting was concerning….what exactly does Roy want?
And…the bloodwork surfaces again…curious to find out what the mystery is all about.

Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother…how wonderful to welcome your granddaughter into the world!
I received the update alert from your website….thank you!
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