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for Along Came a Spider 2

9/28 c44 15Cullen Cousin
good chapter
9/28 c44 debslmac
9/28 c44 AnakinSmom
Great chapter! So much good stuff happening!

Sorry to hear about the covid. My daughter and her husband just had it for the second time.
9/28 c44 24gabby1017
Such a great chapter... Made me constantly smile... Now, my face hurts... but a good hurt. I love Al... I love your words!
9/28 c44 starsmina
I’m sorry to hear you got Covid but I am hoping you’re doing a lot better or you’re getting gonna get better soon. All my prayers to you.
9/28 c44 Mom23xx
Such a great update! Al was totally fine and now look what he gets to do and meet!
Hope you are on the mend.
9/28 c44 29Rebadams7
Here’s to hoping you feel better soon!
And slowly but surely
Word will get out
9/28 c44 Teamrob2
Sitting in the parking lot at work reading.
Fabulous chapter
I love AL
Worried about Vicki and Ciaus
9/28 c44 7Lizzie Paige
Awww! I know it’s not how they wanted to tell people, but waiting so long was making me anxious for them. As it is pics have been leaked, so some of the shine will be off the moment of reveal.
I’m hoping everything else runs smoothly for them going forward though. :)
9/28 c44 1canadiantwilight
can we clone an Al please...i want him to be my man of honor lol
9/11 c43 Will the Werewolf
nice update
9/7 c10 biblepam
Smart of Bella to hang on to her home, just as a backup. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. No one generally goes into a relationship/living together with the mindset of failure, but the reality is, it happens.
9/7 c9 biblepam
Romeo had some game for sure, sending a drink over for Bella with Edward sitting right beside her.
9/6 c8 biblepam
Seven thousand square foot treehouse! Dang that'd be a sight for sure.
9/6 c43 EdwardsVampTramp
Was that Carlisle Edward saw in the casino?
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