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10/14/2023 c45 7Lizzie Paige
Eeeeek! I found this chapter sooooo stressful! I kept scrolling through until both sets of parents had been told, as I was nervous something may have been mentioned during the broadcast pre-game chat. I was sure those photos would have generated a lot of talk, but obviously not. *phew* I then had to go back to the start and read through, lol. Both parental units seemed more than fine with the news of the elopement.
10/11/2023 c42 sonogal
Great wedding
10/11/2023 c44 Cina's
I loved this chapter. With no one able to talk i thought they might all be at the house when they returned (with the exception of Charlie and Renee). Glad roy didn’t make an appearance in this chapter. Hope you feel better soon.
10/7/2023 c44 TheGreenPanther
Hope you soon. Keep yourself healthy. That's what matters.
10/6/2023 c44 Christofine
Love it - be well and take care of yourself.
10/5/2023 c44 frostedglaze
Victoria...that girl does not have good luck with men.
10/4/2023 c42 9LunaEclipse17
such beautiful and amazing words to mark this very special wedding! Loved this chapter … visualizing your words swept me off my feet for a minute. Great chapter! Cant wait to see whats next
10/4/2023 c44 mysticfighter111
Will Senior get rid of Trouble now, too?
10/3/2023 c44 2NKubie
Ugh! I really don't trust Caius! Victoria sure can pick 'em. Or rather they pick her.

I can't wait until Al meets Sage! I think that will be awesome!

I hope you feel better soon! *prayers*

Stay safe and get well!
10/1/2023 c44 Mistydeb
Aww, so glad Al went to see her, he wouldn’t have been able to stay away for too long anyway. Vicky is playing with fire as far as Roy goes, she doesn’t see him as being dangerous, but Bella knows something isn’t right with him. I’m sure everyone else in their circle will be overjoyed about them getting married, even if they might be a bit annoyed initially. Hope you feel better soon. Debbie
10/1/2023 c44 everlong21
I'm so sorry to hear about the health woes. Some people are really feeling the effects of the covid, like an awful flu. Take care, both of you!

Thanks for the update. Sorry I missed the audio chat, I would've liked to hear it. Hope it went well.

Bella and Edward here are incredible. Such a great couple.
10/1/2023 c44 acw1
9/30/2023 c44 ChristyWIX
Sometimes the best laid plans simply fall apart. They had a good plan there for telling everyone, but everyone was busy and they couldn’t. I do hope they are able to tell their parents before someone catches things on social media and tells them. Didn’t Edward think he saw Jake at one point there in Vegas, but then he was gone and dismissed it in his head? He most likely took the photo and made sure it obscured Bella just enough to try, yet again, to make the socials explode and make them look bad. I know Bella wants to share the photos at their reception, but couldn’t they pick one good one for Edward to share? I get she doesn’t want to be bullied into showing photos, but sometimes in the life of a person of his level, you’ve no choice. Better it come from them, so they can nip rumors in the bud. Plus, perhaps they can trace the grainy photo back to who put it out there and figure out it was Jake. It would terminate his contract this much sooner. Which would be a bonus. Oh Victoria, what are you doing with Caius. It would be great if he is actually a nice person, especially with her. Though I have a hard time believing it. He is such a dick in the locker room. If he is capable of being kind, can he not at least try to gel with his teammates and start to be a nicer human? Maybe he’s just out for getting between her legs. I am guessing Roy won’t be able to get Caius traded away like he did before. I don’t want Victoria hurt, but she herself said her heart may get bruised. I do really like the partnership/friendship between Bella and Victoria. I’m glad Al came to speak with Bella in person. Fessing up to being petty and mad. He was truly happy for them both and completely understood why. Him knowing of the online crap was good. At least she won’t be surprised later for it. I do like him agreeing to the reception planning. I loved his reaction to her asking him to be the man of honor too. I’m guessing it’ll be Vladdy for Edward. Cannot imagine it being anyone else. I freaking LOVE this story so much. So sorry you and your hubs got nailed with covid. I do hope you’re both well onto feeling better. Virtual hug!
9/30/2023 c44 MamaJoyof3-ObsessedMama
I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick with COVID. That crap is no joke, it also took me out January 2021, and now I have permanent breathing issues. I was so looking forward to coming to St. Louis. Maybe I’ll get to finally go to the TFMU in Charlotte.

As for the update, it was wonderful! I’m hoping things are on the up n up with Caius and Vic, but can’t wait to see what Sr. Is going to do.

I love this Edward so much and how he absolutely loves Doc!
9/30/2023 c44 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I was beginning to think that Al had gathered everyone after his lightbulb moment, and was doing an impromptu surprise party for the newlyweds. LOL Guess not!
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