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for Along Came a Spider 2

11/2/2023 c5 1divyvicki
Rose has the best ideas!
11/1/2023 c46 sheilagilger
Great chap! It was a doozy!
No updates from Ffn. I just finagle!
10/31/2023 c3 divyvicki
Loving this! Great insight by the players.
10/30/2023 c1 divyvicki
I love the way they discussed his opportunities for the trade and she finally expressed her distrust of Jacob
10/30/2023 c46 20Sukiethree
Such a lot of information in this chapter, I had to read twice! Roy is definitely on the nasty side with a smile. Looking forward to more
10/29/2023 c46 annaharding
Wow - that Roy is such a piece of cake! Very spoiled, very arrogant, and very meddling. I hope Bella tells Edward what's going on. Not so sure she should tell Victoria, though.
What was that "Isabella" thing? And why is her blood type different? (Was she adopted? But she still should know her own blood type.)
So many questions!
10/29/2023 c46 Court0624
What a great chapter! Heres an idea. What if Bellas mom had an affair with Roy. And hes Bellas dad? hopefully I’m wrong. I cant wait to read more!
10/29/2023 c46 12Eternally Addicted
That was some dream Bella had. I can remember having some very odd and very vivid dreams when I was pregnant. Its incredible what all those hormones do to us. I couldn't help laughing over Spider telling her she has a baby for every peanut butter cup she ate and there was hundreds of wrappers all over the place. However, I think it worried Bella a bit.

I am a bit concerned about Roy. I mean who the hell does he think he is? It's like he thinks he's God and has control over everyone and everything. I have a feeling he may have met his match in Bella. Not that she thinks she's God, but in her determination to NOT let him control her or those she loves. I know he is a very rich man, but I am betting he also very much would not want his reputation ruined. I am hoping that Jason has some answers that will help Bella navigate this successfully. And Bella needs to tell Edward about this right away. This is not something for her to keep from him. Not with the huge potential for it to blow up on her.
As someone who is RH negative, I know that two negatives can make a positive, but two positive parents can not make a negative. Given the slim possibility that Renee did not give birth to Bella, the easiest logical answer would seem to be that Charlie isn't Bella's biological father. And I don't even want to think of the ramifications that could lead to, and if he's not, who is? I am also wondering, and I don't know if its even a possibility, if they used a surrogate egg donor if that could affect Bella's blood type. But I don't know why they would need to keep that a secret from Bella. So many questions about this. Hoping maybe its something as simple as a lab error like Rose suggested. I am looking forward to reading For One Night Only. Loved the chapter and can't wait for more. Thank you for the update!
10/29/2023 c46 Cullenosopy
Thank you!
10/29/2023 c46 1Alice's White Rabbit
Oh, I have a feeling Roy may have underestimated Bella's steel resolve. He really is delusional, but he's got enough power and money to make things difficult for everyone. What an ass!

10/29/2023 c46 7Lizzie Paige
Roy is overstepping in so many lives; Vladdy, Caius, Victoria, Alice, the Whitlock’s, also Carlisle and now we find out Bella’s as well. Unfortunately it’s something rich and influential people can do so easily, I hope Bella takes his threats seriously, because I’m sure he is.
The blood type anomaly is worrisome. It’s all going to be a disaster if Charlie is not her biological father.
I have negative Rh factor and yes we had to have the injections etc with my first child.
There’s a lot of stressful things going on in her life, she definitely needs support.
10/29/2023 c46 Luvntwilight
Thanks for updating.
10/29/2023 c46 2NKubie
Ugh! I really hate Roy, the skeevy bastard! Knowing that he had some level of control over both Edward's AND Bella’s careers makes me nervous. I'm really hoping Jason has some ideas. And I also hope that Bella tells Edward all about the meeting. He needs to watch his back too!

Also, I'm looking forward to your next story too!

Stay safe and well!
10/29/2023 c46 6Payton79
That visit from Roy was scary. Basically, Bella's and Edward's whole life is in his hands. Evil bastard. I didn't get the Isabella reference, though. Did I forget or is that something that hasn't been explained yet?

As for the lab results, I'm not sure here. Is the blood type the lab results give different from the one she KNOWS she has or was that just an assumption based on her parents blood type, cause as we all know, sometimes one of your parents or both really aren't your biological parents. Or does Roy have his fingers in that too?
10/28/2023 c46 Daisy Grace
No wonder Victoria wants nothing to do with Royce. He's a manipulative, controlling creep. Who died and named him God?! I hope she tells Edward about this because he deserves to know. Royce doesn't care about ANYone except Royce. So, he's been so secretly a part of Bella's life. Threading himself into it. And even Alice's. Makes me worry for Renee & Charlie with her health struggles. Royce seems to have no personal limits. The blood thing? Another twist. Yea, it seems this story is just let's throw any twist that can be had on a story. Wonder if the ending will live up to the suspense. *shrugs*
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