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10/28/2023 c46 1Beans827
I’m a little confused by the whole Roy thing! If he truly wanted Victoria, he could have had her easily! Why all the subterfuge? But I do NOT like him threatening Edward's career, that is for sure! He seems smarmy to say the least. And Bella's blood type? That's an interesting twist. Could that mean Charlie's not her father? hmmm, I wonder. Can't wait for more Kay! Thanks for the update and the chat this afternoon! Take care.
10/28/2023 c46 2xkoolxmonkyx
oh my gosh I want to push Roy into oncoming traffic. that is going to be a MESS to sort through. I normally don't have predictions, but I'm getting a vibe about 2. FirstBella is having twins. Secondthe blood type is a hint to something. Maybe it supports the twins guess OR one of her parents is not her parent OR someone fucked up her results. Could this have to do with her past? SO MANY NUGGETS
10/28/2023 c46 15Cullen Cousin
good chapter
10/28/2023 c46 mysticfighter111
After the visit from Roy and his threats I'm afraid that he's messing with her medical information, too. I'd be thrilled if Jason stumbled upon something to hold over the manipulative, controlling jerk.
10/28/2023 c46 VryUnique
Damn! Roy sure is a piece of work. I had wondered if he was keeping Victoria close because
he was actually interested in Bella, I guess that's not the case. If Victoria is who he wanted
than he should have been straight with her instead of playing games. He should have told
her how he felt about her and that he wanted to take things slow.
So now he's threading Bella to fall in line like everyone else around him. I wonder if Alice
is so docile as he thinks. I think she is the key, he is managing her assets but they are still
hers. If a lot of what he is managing belongs to Alice than she needs to step up and take
I can't believe he dug so deep into Bella's background, down to kinky sex. I hope Bella
filled in Edward on anything he needs to know.
Does Roy have a hand in the whole practice or just the extension they were putting on?
I bet Edward could buy Bella out of the situation. I know she didn't want to rely on him but
desperate times call for desperate measures. They are married now and her problems are
his problems.
Thanks for the update.
10/28/2023 c46 mnnlisa
Roy is just obnoxious. Bella's going to kick his ass, I can tell.
10/28/2023 c46 prettymomma128
I love how brave Bella is with Roy, he seems like a really terrible person. Great chapter!
10/28/2023 c46 traceybuie
Poor Bella... Roy's visit would be extremely stressful to any pregnant woman. He sort of threatened everyone, but her mother. Hmmm... Maybe he has a touch of scruples or he is saving that threat til later.
Bella will have to brain storm with Jason and hopefully Edward. I feel bad for Victoria.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
10/28/2023 c46 ChristyWIX
What a very odd dream for her to have. For some reason Roy's visit doesn’t strike me at face value. To me he seems like a very desperate man. Something is going on in his world, something out of his control, not Victoria, something else, something big. It is causing him to act out here in an effort to grab control where there is none. Yes, he said a lot of words to make the reader think he is in deeper than we’d like, but I’m not buying it. I feel she needs to speak with Edward and Jason, of course. More importantly, she needs to speak with Alice. I bet whatever is happening with Senior, is because she is getting closer to having control of all the businesses. I don’t think Senior owns the Whitlocks, as he suggested. I think he’s throwing shit out to see what sticks to affect her. The Isabella part has me intrigued. I do think she needs to advise Edward of whatever happened in her past so Senior cannot blindside Edward himself. The whole part with her medical password being wrong and having to reset it, then the blood typing part, is all very suspicious. She needs to get an individual blood typing done at a secure lab, perhaps set up by Jason, to find out for sure what her type, and Edward's is. Seems someone may be involved here and they are screwing with Pumpkin, and this is not okay. This chapter was a lot, but you’ve got a plan and I am here for it. There is no way you’d screw with Edward, Bella and Pumpkin after all this storyline, just to blow them all apart. Nope, you’ll give us a beautiful happily ever after. Until next time.
10/28/2023 c46 lillianolivia.white
Wow, this was a doozy of a chapter. I loved it, but i want to strangle Roy. He is really a manipulative ahole. I hope Bella can somehow legally extract herself from his shady control over her life.
10/28/2023 c46 1Azlady2003
wonder if Charlie Isn't her bio dad and that blood test proves it... would be.l a dozzy if it turned out Roy was her daddy lol I know I'm reaching. let's hope Bella tells Edward about Roy's threats and allllll about her past. let's hope she gets Alice's strings clipped...I used to be pro Roy now I wanna see his downfall where he is alone
10/28/2023 c46 Lore562
Wow Roy is horrible
10/28/2023 c46 2musicflare87
10/28/2023 c46 Mom23xx
I looked for updates. FF sucks rn. What a doozy of an update! Roy is a creep…what will this all mean? And what’s up with her blood type?
10/28/2023 c46 debslmac
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