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for Along Came a Spider 2

8/26 c43 ellekat08
They’re having a blast celebrating and was that Carlisle in Las Vegas? Mhmm.
Edward really enjoys calling her “my wife “ , I love them.
Thanks for the update. :)
8/26 c43 VryUnique
Awesome pictures! Awesome day! I wonder who Edward saw. Jacob?
My first thought was Carlisle but it can’t be him since he is blond.
I’m going to make a guess and say it was Ben and Heidi, which would
throw Edward for a loop. Though that wouldn’t explain the feeling Edward
had of being watched, it didn’t sound like the couple was watching them.
Thanks for the update!
8/26 c43 tff000
8/26 c43 Browneyes1970
was that Carlise he saw. how comes nobody noticed them yet.
8/26 c43 1JulieToo
I loved the night of Vegas surprises!
8/26 c43 11Eternally Addicted
What a wonderful day they are having. It sounds absolutely fabulous and wonderful. And omg that cake sounds mouth watering. The burger too. LOL Hmmm, I am wondering if any of the onlookers will realize who they were taking pictures of at the Bellagio. And then if they will go public. If so, I am curious to see how these two will react to that happening. I know Edward would shout it from the rooftop, but Doc was wanting to keep it quiet for now. I can't help but wonder if Edward saw his father, if that's the man. The only other two options that would get a negative reaction from him would be Senior, or Jake. I don't think he'd have such a strong reaction to Jake. Sure he wouldn't want to see him, but I don't think it would be the "blinking your eyes to make sure you weren't imagining things" type of reaction to Jake. And I think I can say it's not Senior given the outtake you posted, Senior is in his office stewing because he doesn't know where Bella is. So that leaves Carlisle. And I do believe he'd cause that "I can't believe my eyes" type of reaction, as well as not wanting to ruin their day with Carlisle possibly saying something to upset them. Lord knows he is not likely happy with this outcome. Last we heard he was in St. Louis, so if it is Carlisle did he just decide to head to Vegas, or does he have some sort of knowledge of where Edward is at all times. It's a very strange coincidence that his next gambling stop would be where Spider and Doc are. And if it is Carlisle, and we know Senior has someone watching him, will that person see Edward and Bella while watching Carlisle and report back to Senior where they are? Perhaps if it is Carlisle he hasn't seen them and the eyes Edward feels on him are the dude watching Carlisle. I can't wait to find out. Loved the chapter. I sure hope you have gotten or will get your power back soon. Thank you for the update!
8/26 c43 annaharding
Such a fun non-reception!
I wonder who the blond man is, watching them. Carlisle? Ugh!
8/26 c43 keraatchley05
Fantastic chapter and can't wait to see what will happen next!
8/26 c43 Luvntwilight
Thanks for updating.
8/26 c43 AnakinSmom
I would have played #35 right from the start. HAha
8/26 c43 1Beans827
That’s so funny…black eleven is my number and I've always wanted to bet it when I first walk up to a table, but I always hesitate and it’s hit more times than I can remember. I am going on a cruise next week so I’m going to try black eleven and 35 just to see how it goes. Great chapter. But it wonder who was at that other table? It couldn’t be Carlisle, could it? I hope not.
8/26 c43 Mom23xx
Oh shit is Carlisle there? There is no way they won’t be outed by the public.
8/26 c43 1Pyejammies
What a wonderful wedding day they had. Was that Jacob sitting with the blond?
8/17 c35 7Marliarna
Betting Carlisle had a hand in getting Caiud on the team!
8/10 c42 Will the Werewolf
great update
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