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for Danganronpa: Guilty as Charged (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)

7/16/2023 c27 13James95
I kind of liked it.

There’s still some hostility but at least everyone is forming connections.

Juriya schooling Yosuke was fun. Shows also that whilst she isn’t a fan of Americans like Candace, there’s definitely an air of respect. Maybe realising that Candace has learned to be loud to be seen. That she’s had to learn to be abrasive.

Good to have you back.
7/1/2023 c1 guest
if you got master detectives archives RAIN CODE game and finished a chapter, please do a fanfic "kyoko and shuichi plays master detectives archives RAIN CODE". it takes place after the events of dangaronpa s ultimate summer camp and kyoko and shuichi were told to play this game by the detective library group. please do this, it'll be worth it!
6/30/2023 c27 2Yoonie-P
Sempith my beloved you never miss
5/30/2023 c26 13James95
Kind of cute, honestly.

Nice fun shenanigans.

I was half expecting Candace's costume to have reveals with a whole competition on who gets the most customers with her trying to vogue whilst carrying plates. But it is nice to see her more relaxed.

But wow, interesting to see Chisa there.
5/24/2023 c26 2Yoonie-P
my agenda became real omaiga
4/4/2023 c25 4Epifanio Therion
And thus, this trial of a tragic comedy came to its final conclusion... It is sad to see Yume and Kaori going away at the end of the story, but that is how dices has been rolled... Envy is a very dangerous thing, two similarly focused Ultimate facing their share of sins, but in the end, their sins came on top and took them away from life. No matter how much Shun fought and tried to find open gap within what happened in order to prove Kaori was innocent, but sadly the chances were against her as Grayface, now known as Aja Watanabe, revealed the truth of the case as she was more or less responsible for it in the first place for the creation of it and thus, Kaori's fate was sealed in the end as even when falling into despair, Shun brought her out of it and thus led to her death...

Man, Shun has been hit with the double whammy of losing both Yume and Kaori out of jealousy and hatred between each other, but it was a obvious one from the start as even during the game of Dodgeball in [Chapter 1-2 - Live Like Spoiled Royalty] shows that Kaori had a intense fury against Yume, so in a way, it was expected to happen one way or another, especially when it reveals the truth of a secret of theirs... But I am really excited to see what happen next! What is going to be discussed about Aja? How is Shun going to be behave now that two of her friends that she was close in the killing game are dead? The curiosity is truly something!
3/11/2023 c25 13James95
Wow, an interesting use of Kaori’s talent as our first execution draws to a close. This sectioning off of the students by their sins is an interesting idea.

And now, for this comedy of errors to conclude, the obituary is what’s left.
3/2/2023 c25 134TheRoseShadow21
And though a trial has ended, the plot has thickened even more. Very, very intriguing. Good work D
1/13/2023 c24 13James95
Okay, we were all played. Probably because we thought Naegi must've thought "if Jill could be controlled, maybe she could be.

The victim's life story being revealed is interesting. Yeah, being a comedian could definitely make people take you less seriously. Candace was right though; involuntary manslaughter is a crime. Yume may not have been charged but it still happened.

Kaori's in the hotseat now but I still am concerned about Juriya. She's even nastier to Candace during the trial. Makes me wonder if there's more to it than just the fact that Candi is American.

Rather gripping stuff.
11/17/2022 c23 7CandleFire45
I haven’t reviewed much but again, loving the chapters! Armen being a total jerk never tires me to read.

Now for chapter 2 we got a LOT of suspects, and I think this case shuffled around many different hands. The fact that Sora is heavily involved in this case as well but you wrote it in such a way to offer a interesting mystery is really cool as well.

As for the murder, I’ll be sure to dm you my thoughts, as this is a chapter specific review, but I just love the chaotic feel this investigation has as Sora hunts down who her attacker was. It’s seriously impossible to tell who is involved or not and everyone’s worry is sky high, I love it. There’s a lot of moving pieces, such as the Yard Game, the bruises on everyone’s hands, the attacker (who obviously), and whatever secret our poor victim had. It’ll be hard to gather my exact thoughts on it, but I like how it’s simple to process through the reading so I’m not scratching my head for that reason.

For key points in this chapter I found funny or interesting. The human tower with Yosuke, Valentin, and Kasumi was a pretty funny image to think about. And then the way they fall afterward is even better. Kasumi as always is an amazing pair to contrast Sora due to their different manners of writing. Greyface being as prevalent as she is a little concerning given this chapter. In all honesty she seems like an orchestrator of like… ALL of the events in this murder, especially if you look at the title “Dancing With The Devil”, and of course I love the fact that Nemiko is the next ace detective alongside Armen and Juriya. Just… love that image in my head
10/23/2022 c22 2Yoonie-P
My bby Kasumi getting her main character arc omaiga
10/15/2022 c22 4Epifanio Therion
Oh wow! I didn't think that it would be them that would suffer the curse of the victim role! And truthfully, I was caught off guard, but to be truthful, there was hints that was pointing toward them as the victim! Honestly, I am intrigued with this case as some of the students are covered in bruises, which could mean an all-out brawl somehow happened somewhere and someone took the opportunity in using the chaos of the fight in order to take out the victim. But hey! How knows! The event feels like a wild tempest, and I excited to unravel it~
7/12/2022 c21 5Other Senpai
Kasumi lore
7/12/2022 c21 2Yoonie-P
I love this so much Sempi you're the best 3 my daughter's loreeee
6/14/2022 c20 5Other Senpai
Why calypso attack
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