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for Danganronpa: Guilty as Charged (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)

6/4/2022 c20 TheRoseShadow21
Well this is interesting D
5/21/2022 c19 5Other Senpai
Kensuke is beautiful

Hitoshi is beautifuler

Kanna is beautifulest

Takeshi is the mastermind
5/21/2022 c18 Other Senpai
Library death room
5/21/2022 c17 Other Senpai
Did I review this yet
5/20/2022 c16 Other Senpai
You are beautiful
5/20/2022 c15 Other Senpai
Monsieur Brahms eats everyone up PERIOD
5/20/2022 c14 Other Senpai
You could’ve sworn you ate with these fake truth bullets smh
5/20/2022 c13 Other Senpai
5/20/2022 c12 Other Senpai
This is the chapter that proves suskeshi is the mastermind
5/20/2022 c11 Other Senpai
Let’s kill Ryu
5/20/2022 c10 Other Senpai
Sasaki kinda ate everyone up Ngl
5/20/2022 c9 Other Senpai
5/20/2022 c19 13James95
Well, that's one way to do the secret motive.

Interesting interactions. Who knew the rancher would have the food cult backstory? Oh and facing off against Gundham and Mikan for that matter.

Juriya feigning illness is a neat idea but I feel like she really has it in for Candace. If Candy's secret is what it could be, at least she can clap back at her for the given name complaints... or Juriya gets worse.

Toshiro being a former remnant of Despair... I buy it. And, if anything happens to him, Sora would be a high up suspect.

Not bad. Keep it up.
5/3/2022 c18 James95
Nice to see us all caught up.

I will say that you handled Candace pretty well here. Although I am getting concerned with the death flags rising on her. At the very least, since Tokyo does have its own small ballroom community, Sora might find a nice book on it.
Also, them locking Harumi up in solitary is priceless. I feel like if there's 2 killers in one chapter, the one left alive's going in there.

Anyway, good rewrite. I look forward to seeing the next chapter.
4/29/2022 c10 James95
Wow, this gets updated fast. Even for a rewrite. Nice to see the other class students being integrated in. Makes me curious how their presence will affect things down the road.

And it makes me wonder both how many chapters and how many double, or maybe triple, murders may occur. Oh well, looks like we'll just have to wait and see.
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