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for Danganronpa: Guilty as Charged (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)

4/24/2022 c8 5Other Senpai
I’m seeing oddlyillregular more times than I’d like hmmm
4/24/2022 c7 Other Senpai
Oh kuro if only you knew
Sting my bby
4/24/2022 c6 Other Senpai
Nawt the veterinary pathologist
4/23/2022 c4 Other Senpai
Team Kanna always
4/23/2022 c3 Other Senpai
Best boys strike again
4/23/2022 c2 Other Senpai
All my homies hate Harlequin
4/22/2022 c5 Other Senpai
Guilty as charged…guilty as charged…guilty. As. Charged.
4/20/2022 c5 1Dispentryporter
If Kano and Ryoji don't interact in some non-canon side chapter then what's the point of living?
4/19/2022 c5 2Yoonie-P
amazing as always baby racoon :3
4/17/2022 c4 Yoonie-P
amazing as always my beloved sempi
4/11/2022 c1 13James95
Not bad as a revival. I look forward to how this turns out.
4/10/2022 c1 1Dispentryporter
Aight Sempi, time to channel the power of Ryoji Yamauchi to get this don T
4/10/2022 c1 1J Carp
Most fangan syocs don't even finish the first chapter. This one's gonna finish the first chapter TWICE.
4/10/2022 c1 5Other Senpai
I am very excited to see this story come to life, it looks promising! And same Ahn Jihlo, really hope my OC makes it in, might even submit another one!
4/10/2022 c1 SureJahn
Wow what a good story, so excited to see this updated in the future. I hope my OC gets accepted
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