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34m c106 49Alex Mcpherson
didnt they meet in chap 11 when ruby started for work experience...?
7/14 c107 Guest
Steve is a silly name for a facility
Reginald sounds more fitting

Those anomalies were amusing
4h c109 Dirty Jesus
You know what would be funny if adrian was born as an anomaly.
9h c108 Cooldude101011
Poor scarecrow
12h c108 4Jazzatron
Oh no... You didn't just mark Zwei for death.

Also I always forget how much of a bitch Saffron is in this story. Like I know Jaune's family sucks in this one but damn. She is just needlessly antagonistic.
14h c109 megakdre100
I tell u the truth Jaune is now being really boring with sucking his fmaily dick trying to please them when it shown that they don’t given a damn about him and he ant him death. You read the anime jjk that a character call toji fughirao and he the same as Jaune in this story except his family hate him form born basically what did he do make his own way in life he was a shit person but atleast he had the courage to do so Jaune is just boring and should do his own thing becuase the family is just a hinder to him and won’t support him at all
14h c109 Moonkiller24
ngl terra deserves dis
14h c109 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
16h c109 0akarigan0
Estoy seguro de que serán grandes amigos al terminar la misión. Excelente trabajo
16h c109 kuramathetranscened
Has no one suggested Terra try saltines? Also, watch it turn out to be a hoax and Blake realizes it immediately while the Fist Office runs around thinking it's actually an anomaly.
18h c109 X3runner
I mean if Blake was bold she could set a little contingency plan a fail safe that would tie both terra and her kids life to jaunes continued wellbeing since Saphron acts irrationally when dealing with both terra and jaune potentially leaving her frozen with indecision
21h c109 qwefg
I still feel like the maidens are going to be the real end game disaster here.

In RWBY it is a magical girl upgrade.

In this? That is an anomaly that is transferred to the last FEMALE the infected thought of before she died... And we have the BURN office... Yes... I can see Pyhrra getting the kill on Amber, getting infected, getting killed by her office, and then getting one of the people in charge infected... Causing a deadly coin toss.

Either option 1) kills self like Jaune did in battle royal to prevent another anomaly appearing back home. Mixed results if that won't simply send it to next user.

Or option 2... Hypocrisy in full action. It isn't bad if they became a full on anomaly... They just need to get rid of the witness and nobody will know. Aka... Jaune and Blake... Or just blake... Either way its going to end messy.
21h c109 Freduardo
Oh man this chapter just hit me with a funny similarity to Mortadelo y Filemon.
7/15 c109 Xzarg
Be careful with what you wish for Blake, you should know this by now!
I hope Blake gets along with Pyrrha on their mission, perhaps iron out some of their differences.
7/15 c109 1SentinalSlice
Jaune’s hopefully going to finally get some regular office works under him. He needs some stooges like the other places, especially now that he has a facility.
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