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9/22 c14 1EmporerRyu
Im calling it here that an anomaly is in Menagerie’s desert.
9/20 c15 aetheryna
just a quick guess for the 8 ball effect so I can feel smug or stupid later:

it only tells you information you already know; the dude only asked questions he knew the answer to (because winter guided him into asking exactly those types of questions)
9/22 c69 1MaracaRin
Hey, didn’t you mention Lavender died at Mountain Glenn? It makes sense that she would, there’s no reason for her not to have the same complications as other stories, and that would impact her capabilities. But anyway, I ignored it when you mentioned her before, but her death was just ignored?
9/22 c63 MaracaRin
My god you actually ported White Sheep Salem over to this story

Not an unwelcome addition, but still, what the hell
9/22 c42 1Lurker In The Highlands
Hrm. Couple of things about this chapter:

1) Jaune had no idea who Roman was earlier in this fic. Nor did Neo show up in Roman's company, prior to this encounter.

2) Jaune has not been head of the Vale office for more than a week longer than Blake has been employed by him, so when did he set up this thing? And more importantly, how did he do all this without Blake noticing?

Since mystery and investigative stories live and die on internal consistency, I'm hoping this'll be cleared up in future chapters. If not, this would...generally likely be the chapter where the tale turns sour. It's been solid...right up until now. Now it has me a tad concerned.
9/22 c71 7UjnIaS
This is my favourite story yet. Its a great setting and new case every next turn really has that detective rom com aspect that develops the characters with every new case. Except every new case is exciting. Every new anomaly brings something different and envokes a different feel with most of them being spooky. The Twilight City case had me shook. And since its one case to handle and move on, it does not feel like a be all end all plot point in the story. Like Jaune and Blake are fire fighters and Vale is always in varying state of burning. Even more interesting is that they have to work in secret. Fake identities, cover stories, propaganda and shadow organisations. Most stories has the protagonist fight or deal with them but here is the opposite. Kudos and keep up the great work.
9/19 c71 Guest
Y'know, the men that complain the loudest about sexual offenders and make a whole virtue-signaling show of it are often the worst sexual offenders and incels of all (creepy, slimy male feminists)

And it's looking like you fall straight into that category, coeur al'aran.
9/19 c71 Guest
I love the story, but honestly the more I see the Arc family's douchy side, the more I really want a situation where the Arcs are forced to rely entirely on Jaune's abilities.

Maybe an event where they have to deal with the fact that without him, they would have died and it forces them to change their perspective on anomalies.

Or alternatively another mass cull where another senior office loses a director and the only option Arc Corp have is to promote Jaune further.
9/18 c71 Reader 451
Part of me is thinking Amber hates him because she's expected to more than actually disdain. Considering her competing for Jaune's approval and also completely casting it to the side when things went weird. Or not and I'm reading (pun!) too much into it.
9/18 c71 Guest
Nothing further on Saul beyond a brief note that the lawyer has gone to ground.

Again, didn't Lavender die in Twilight City?

Amber is an asshole. Here's hoping she gets humbled in short order.
9/20 c63 ItsYorkWho
9/18 c71 Yang
The landlord is a jerk.
9/20 c70 T-Man3
Ya know, the recent matchmaker anomoly and also your penchant for including single mothers wanting to get some action has lead to me to a startling truth:
You need to make "Horny MILFs in your area" into an anomoly.
9/18 c71 Guest
Hah, now that there are more than one official media/products depicting RWBY casts with the freaking Justice League, a fully powered Golden Age Superman can appear on Remnant. Or this fic. That is a Golden Ending for everyone on Remnant. But with Great Hope appearing on Remnant, this also meant the two insanely dangerous villains of DC Earths can get to Remnant too. Compared to Darkseid, Salem is a chum that Doctor Fate or Constantine can properly defeat.
Or hell, get DCAU's Amazo Android on Remnant(The one that start out as a power mimicking android that scanned a fucking Star and changed its very nature to a star), and watch him simply turned off Salem. Or hell, since Dr Manhattan have tangled with JL before, let him take a crack at Salem.
9/18 c70 Guest
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