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7/4 c20 19afish.2far
Oooo I’m looking forward to seeing how the trial goes and Harry’s relationships with the goblins!
6/30 c20 katiekittykat
I am really enjoying this story as I do with all your stories as I've read almost all of them. I can't wait til you update so I can read more
6/25 c11 Veronika
А будет продолжение, и если да то когда
6/17 c20 ripper34
Good story
6/16 c20 TheDoctorsGurl
Please update xx
6/11 c1 florBanshee
Looking forward to an update on this one too.
6/6 c20 stgbearden333
hey this story is wonderful and i cant wait for more. i hope there will be more soon. i am so happy. thank u you are amazing.
5/24 c20 VeronicaD13
Oooh i just got caught up and I love where this is going! And especially good for Bill for calling out Hermione's bad behavior! Pity no one else ever did it that wasn't her age ...

Can't wait to see the trial and witness reactions! Will the Goblins also he harvesting the basilisk while they're there? Will they get the truth about Grindelwald? And every other dirty little secret of his? And also I guess if this is 6th year did Dumbles find and put on the ring, or was Dolohov able to warn Tom about the horcruxes and that Dumbles knows about them?

Will/did Harry ever get his stuff from the Dursleys? Did we have a time skip that I missed?

Can't wait for more!
5/22 c20 Tinkerbell love
Please update this story is so good and can’t wait to see what happen next
5/16 c20 5JRSDH1
Thats just so satisfying. I cant wait for more! I hope Harry stays where he is, learning what he wants, and maybe enjoying life in a few months.
5/15 c20 1lilashannah
They did it in front of the whole school. I love it ! you know how to do a cliff hanger don' you. lol
5/14 c20 1Shay Shadowhunter
please write more. love it
5/13 c20 LivingRedRose
4/27 c18 hollowmushroom
*eyes emojies* at the Sev thrown under thoughts, but also thinking of his reactions around Dumbledore's lies unraveling
4/27 c17 hollowmushroom
I would love to see the other interregations!
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