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5/31 c12 LivingRedRose
love how Harry is starting to show trust and feel safe with Antonin! can't wait to see how you develop their relationshipas an idea of why the war started, why not a ban that was become an elimination of all family gifts in purebloods, like Harry's natural healer ability... maybe there is more behind why Tonks is the first metamorphmagus and a half blood or why Neville's gran doesn't want him to work with plants, are the longbottoms hiding a family magically gift? eh just an idea lol i know what you go with will be great like all your stories
5/30 c12 2AshesandSouls
Ich liebe diese Geschichte wirklich, danke das du sie weiter schreibst.
5/29 c12 mizzrazz72
He's helping Harry out.
5/29 c12 1Pouika
Thank you / MErci
5/28 c12 hourhercrevan
Cant wait for you to update again! I really like this story.
5/28 c12 Dehaanii
How things realy started: Church. Rituals, Blood, Blessings, Magical creatures, MixLove, don't know, think about what the church didn't like and kids from religious muggles may have believed and were scared in that time... o.o
5/28 c12 12Lu Phantom
You’re the best! Thank you and please keep updating!
5/28 c12 Jostanos
Hmm... I wonder. may White Bee have had a hand at the death of the Mundane Born Minister of that time?

Fawkes, your aligning with Harry not only makes sense, but also weakens White Bee by a substantial amount!
After all if the so called "Leader of the Light" no longer has a Phoenix at his side then what does that make him?
5/28 c12 RaeRae
I always thought young Tom Riddle would have been told about the traditions and culture from those in Slytherin.
5/28 c12 Guest
Siiiii, me alegraste el día, gracias por la actualización, saludos
5/28 c12 VeronicaD13
Phew! I was worried about Fawkes but not anymore! How long before he could possibly get Harry's things for him? And what about Hedwig? Where's she been? Lol and even better, where's Dobby? He could get Harry's stuff if it's not too far for him...

Anyway back to Fawkes. How did he know to show up? I hope that Order member didn't actually see them leave, but I don't know how else he knew , unless Harry was always going to be his and the unblocking just helped things along? Like maybe it is with Fawkes' growth?

No new ideas here on the paganism problem. Unless Dumbles conveniently decided to separate out everything else that his dear boyfriend's gang did and call it all bad and dark arts, but we have to have something to replace it, but see the muggles have these handy celebrations so here...? IDK...

Lol anyway when will Dumbles in America know that there's something wrong with his plan? Lol can it wait until the end of summer, like when Harry doesn't go to Sluggy's and the Weasley's? Ahhhh here's hoping he gets blindsided with everything...

Can't wait for more!
5/28 c12 Wellone
Hello, love this chapter. I like reading about Potter and Dolov interactions and the titbit of the beginning of a relationship. About their emotions getting involved.
I want to give you some ideas for the story, but I don't think my idea are new. But let them inspire you.
I was thinking about some kind of artefacts found by both Dumbledore and Grindelwald, that could give the power to control, influence people. Of course the artifact have others need, but those two have planned something else for it. But then, they have a different. Dumbledore don't want the alliance anymore and go back to Britain with the artefact and defeat Grindelwald with it. But the artifact need power to work. So what better than a school with kid prone to accidental burst of Magic to empowered the artefact? So he make it happen. But if the kid keep learning about their magic with practice and all. There no enough fuel for his artefact. He need to make sure that they don't use a lot of Magic in the school. So he ended the classes who use lots of Magic. The classes about real magic. And one day he found that Potter have unlimited power source for his need so he takes control.
But writing this makes me want to write a fanfiction. But I don't have the dedication.
Have a nice day.
(sorry for the English)
5/28 c12 Guest
Hmm...apart from Dumbles actually instigating things and staging attacks (which he could then use as grist for the rumor mill and propaganda machine, to further his political agenda), I'm a bit low on ideas. But the man was Grindewald's ex; they came up with that whole 'For the Greater Good' thing together, even if almost nobody left living knows about that, besides Bathilda. It's not so far-fetched; TWO Dark Lords, but one attempted change through conquest, and failed, so the second tried more covert methods.
It's nothing the CIA hasn't done, really.
5/27 c12 Qtsarahanne
Great new chapter, thank you!
5/27 c12 1mayawene
Thank you
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