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for Stronger Than Blood

3/21 c20 debb lavoie
Oh my goodness where is she!
3/21 c18 debb lavoie
Oh crap, why didn't she call the library!
Must be James.
3/21 c16 debb lavoie
Whoa, didn't expect that tidbit.
3/21 c15 debb lavoie
Laughing, that dinner was precious.
3/21 c14 debb lavoie
Human trafficking,ugh, shoot those buggers. Emmett is always good for a bit of humor.
3/21 c13 debb lavoie
Seth is so cute!
3/21 c12 debb lavoie
Angela was funny getting all the dirt on Edward. That pizza sounds great.
3/21 c11 debb lavoie
Oh my goodness, her father and all those clothes with Edward's card. Yikes!
3/21 c10 debb lavoie
Wowza, that was excellent! That shower sounds like heaven.
3/21 c9 debb lavoie
Jeeze, those bats%%t crazy robbers.
3/21 c8 debb lavoie
I love how Bella sets boundaries.
3/21 c7 debb lavoie
Yep, she made her choice. Wonder where Seth was...
3/21 c6 debb lavoie
Well now she is better informed.
3/21 c5 debb lavoie
And Edward was doing well, her first place alone and he insulted her.
3/21 c4 debb lavoie
Why would Esme want those Barbie women for Edward, ugh!
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