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for Stronger Than Blood

3/21 c2 debb lavoie
Edward was nasty to Bella who didn't even know him.
3/21 c1 debb lavoie
Ohh this should be good!
3/17 c24 glynnall
I loved your story I don't know who gave you problems but I think they're wrong please keep riding
3/13 c24 Jillgrab
Before I even read the chapter I need to say this. That person was wrong. Your writing has been so enjoyable! I’ve read this story off and on all day. It’s been great! I even wish it was longer. I’m so glad you didn’t let one person keep you from sharing your talent.
3/12 c15 Jillgrab
I’m dying laughing! This meeting of the families is too freaking good!
2/15 c24 SweetSlayer810
That was a fantastic story! Incredibly well written. I loved the voice of the characters and how everything flowed from chapter to chapter. Bravo!
2/6 c23 VryUnique
I’m glad she’s safe and sexually unharmed.
2/6 c22 VryUnique
Bella doesn’t seem too competent with self defense. I think she needs to take more when she gets out of this.
2/6 c21 VryUnique
They should have told Black that he has heard rumors because Volturi has been trying to set him up.
2/6 c20 VryUnique
Hopefully they find her before James go through with his threats.
12/20/2022 c24 Veronique24
Amazing story, had a hard time putting down!
12/19/2022 c24 kneon
Great story. Here's hoping for. A sequel. Thank you for sharing
12/17/2022 c24 MCFC Blue Moon
I just stumbled across this story today and I feel terribly guilty for not reviewing every chapter, but I was just so incredibly hooked and could not stop reading. Seriously, it was absolutely amazing. Beautifully written and extremely captivating. It's definitely one of the best fanfictions I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I do hope that you decide to write a sequel in the future.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing your talent with us.
12/15/2022 c24 MrsZacEfron
I genuinely don't know how this story doesn't have more reviews! It's so unbelievably well written, not too much filler parts and constantly kept me chuckling and anticipating the next chapter. I know I didn't review other chapters but that's because I was so excited to see what happened next. Well done on an amazing story, can't wait for more
12/4/2022 c24 Nannyjojo
Yeah, OK, Black wasn't too bad after all.
Loved the proposal.
So knew that was the plan when Esme asked her to work.
Edward did good this time.
Thank you for sharing.
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