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for 2kNaruto: MyCareer

7/21 c3 brandonmunoz499
Cant wait for the update! Can he get with selena in this
6/18 c3 LightninXX
Hope to see interactions with his family.
6/7 c3 Dr1zzy
Great story ! Kobe !
6/7 c3 23hunter41963801
Who are you having play Naruto? And could you have Naruto be in the Space Jam New Legacy movie.
6/6 c3 27AizenTheGoat
Good work so far but the invite is expired. Can you toss an invite my way?
6/6 c3 WindyCitySlayer1
Was hoping naruto would score more in his debut game
Also now hoping naruto just destroys jones by embarrassing him with a poster and then a nasty crossover where he sprains his ankle
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
Glad Kobe came to his defense
Also Kinda hoping that Kobe put Stephen a smith his his place
Why the number 17
It’s such a weird number
6/6 c3 1NaruLemon Stories
Loved it
But what about his personal life
5/1 c1 1Zipzapdoowoop
Maybe you're not trying to make this a super long and serious story, but it would've been so damn cool if you had Naruto be some ridiculous underdog who works his way to become the GOAT. He gets drafted last and is immediately traded to the worst team in the league. A failing franchise, like the bobcats at the time, or a constant struggle like the Kings, or a sleeping Giant like the Knicks.

He could've been the pock everyone expected to fail, and pit of sheet hard work, not talent, would he save the Franchise and become a legend. Like having an untalented 6'1 PG (Naruto's canonical height) grind and put himself in a postuon where he is forced to do the impossible is much more interesting than an established talent living up to known potential.
5/1 c2 WindyCitySlayer1
RIP Kobe Bean Bryant
Who else is On this team other then Kobe and Pau
Did they trade for Dwight and Nash or has that not happen yet ?
And are we going to get that Kobe vs Lebron Finals that we weren’t able to get
Please continue
Can’t wait for more
Awesome chapter
Kobes death is still unreal
5/1 c2 Jamal rarick
Still great, didn’t notice any errors in this one. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one!
4/16 c1 Jamal rarick
Excellent first start. Just a few errors. But still, solid start. Looking forward to more

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