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7/14 c5 Cappage Boy
I enjoy it so far. I never read the original but this is pretty good so far and caused me to begin liking porygon a lot more. I feel like since porygon is analytical having it just study the Pokédex and all the Pokémon in it would help it a lot, especially if it just enters the Pokédex.

I also think that when it eventually does become porygon2 since it’s ability changes from analyze to adaptability it would make a lot of sense for it to be a learning ai more so than it is already, I could only imagine how battle competent a learning ai with tons of battle experience could be. Especially considering it has a ton of move coverage and access to recovery too.
6/11 c5 Iugulator
Whew lad, what a chapter. Thanks for sharing!
6/11 c5 HayakuHayaku
Damn I thought ash would catch jigglypuff. I love fairy types. I hope he catches at least one fairy. Anyway, great chapter as always, the rocket fight was very well done.
6/11 c5 AngelFaux
until sparks started to dance around its body
That would make sense for thunder wave, but for stun spore it'd be better to describe it as just Onix's muscles suddenly locking up.

He did end up losing to one Trainer's Pidgeotto, whose speed was too much for Dexter to get a solid hit on.
I like little details like this, Ash is good, but he's still a rookie. He'll lose but it's just part of the experience.

I'd have loved to see Ash catch a jigglypuff, alas it was not to be XD.

I'd already read the beta version of this and it was as good as I remembered. Prof. Oak to the rescue. I like the variety of the pokemon shown.
6/10 c5 haziqsaffari2
First run in with the real dangerous Team Rocket, a necessary experience for future growth. Keep up the good story.
6/10 c5 Guest
Loving the story, and for Pokémon suggestions I think Steelix, Sylveon, Arcanine, and Kingler would be interesting choices for mons.
6/10 c5 Reader
Great chapter
Angelina losing was the right move given her previous lack of motivation
Her catching Jigglypuff is cool too as is a Pokémon that anime treated as a gag but has a promising character

In anime I wanted it in AG to fall in love with Contests and join May's team given they both loved performing
Though Jigglypuff would default to singing forcing May to teach it proper appeals in what could've been a great arc for the two

Would be funny if Nate and Angelina fought over a Moon Stone for there respective Pokémon evolution

Multiple evolution and OC were also interesting
Will we see any of them again

Great team for Professor Oak
Though I always assumed he was a Flying type specialist given his Mirage special Dragonite and Charmeleon from Celebi movie
Then his random Pidgey in the anime too
Though if went with a diverse team then maybe Nidoking instead of Venasaur as widely theorized that Nidorino from opening is his battling Agatha's Gengar

Regarding your response to my previous review I meant Petal could be a 'workhorse' where it would likely be in the most gym battles given its typing
Definitely don't think it'll be the powerhouse of Ash's team
Also about Aron, if Lance can use Dragon like looking Pokémon then Aron can use a former Bug type Pokémon

For Ash's remaining team I'd like to suggest Rapidash, Poliwrath and Jolteon
6/8 c2 Bloodykingsman
Bit of info real quick, porygon can learn both sunny day and solar beam though only through TM's

Great work so far, I'm already hooked -
6/3 c4 5TheCouchEffect
It's great to see this updated again. More importantly, it's good to hear that you're feeling better!

As far as this chapter goes, it was pretty good. Nate and Angelina are getting more character development and they're pretty interesting. Their fights may be pretty petty, but they add to their character. More importantly, it allows Ash a chance to develop his leadership and diplomatic skills. I'm curious how all three will develop by the end.

Ash's battle with Brock was also pretty good. Very creative, though I can't help but feel Ash won mainly due to his type advantage. With the foreshadowing you've used, I'm expecting Angelina to lose and for it to be a wake up call for Ash to not rely on it to win his battles.

Good luck on the next chapter!
5/29 c4 3Royal Flamingo
Hey! I’m really enjoying the story. The premise was interesting and is what initially drew me in, and I’m finding that my expectations are being thoroughly met! Very enjoyable, and the two things I like in particular are the dialogue being written, and the characterization of all the Pokémon involved in the story, specifically Dexter and Saur (I think Dexter wordlessly staring at people until they notice is a very funny mental image.) Excited to continue reading :)
5/29 c4 AngelFaux
Wow, this is a pretty long chapter, congrats. The battle was good, the interactions between the three are also fun as is Brock. You managed to show both his serious side and fun side well.
5/28 c4 Reader
Great chapter
Petal is going to be vital for 6 of the 8 Kanto Gyms so expect her to be the workhorse of the team like here
Should have it become Vileplume over Bellosom to keep Poison typing

Too bad Porygon lost without beating Geodude but was the one to best Pinsir in the chapter so got its moment
Ice Beam against Brock's Ground types was smart plus good that didn't use Conversion during it to avoid Rock type weakness despite STAB
The Samurai Hyper Beam mishap is based off of the same battle Traveler right?

You're making Angelina an interesting character
Wants to catch Pokémon to build team but overconfident with type advantage
As stated previously Grass/Poison is useful for most Kanto Gyms so can see her being reliant on her starter and fully train her team unless something changes

I like the team your building Nate though especially if gets Moon Stone in Mt. Moon for Nidoking

You hinted at Aron from Sinnoh having an entire team of Bugs
Drapion: Am I a Bug to you?
5/28 c4 haziqsaffari2
Congratulations on overcoming Covid, but make sure to take care of yourself. Well written battle with Brock, good to see you added his lovestruck habit. Keep it up.
5/24 c1 SeaweedBrainIsBlue
Soo, there were three people that could ace the exam, but four people to pick a pokemon, was Gary an extra? or the other random guy? just curious
Something wrong isn't right.
5/20 c3 5TheCouchEffect
Finally able to leave a review!

This was a pretty good chapter and it had a lot happen. Seeing Ash interact with his Pokemon is great and always something I enjoy seeing in fics. It's nice to see the little hints of Dexter learning what human expressions are and how to socialize. Petal is adorable as always and it's a treat seeing him so eager to improve through his training.

Team Rocket was... honestly a surprise. I wasn't sure if we'd be seeing the Trio in this story with how their canon selves are. You managed to portray them well though. They were more of a serious threat, but still had the level of incompetence they're loved for. Though with how willing they were to brutalize 10 year old kids, I'm surprised they didn't skip the battle altogether and threaten the other hostages to force Ash and co to give up their Pokemon.

As far as the battles go, I like them. They're simple but fun. I can always appreciate the effort that goes into making them and your creativity shines there.

I am probably the only one eagerly wating to hear Gary's backstory but I will die on this hill with a smile.

Good luck with the next chapter! Can't wait to see it.
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