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for Beyond the Grave

4/28/2022 c1 116NerdsinaTree
That was lovely. I liked Sara helping Jas find peace in regards to his confliction. And that through him she 'll be able to experience the life that was denied her.
4/16/2022 c1 500AquaTurquoise
Aww, Creepy, I loved this so much! You know how much I enjoyed writing Sara's story, and of course, how much I care about Jas. Thank you for doing him justice. The hug scenario was perfect, and so was the mentioning of them technically having a connection now. Loved that. If anyone can do my Butterford justice, it's you. :) He and Hopscotch were magic together, and he and Muscles will be too.

Thanks for the retirement gift! Haha. You put a big smile on my face. You rock! Feel free to use Butterford again anytime. ;) And Muscles.

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