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for One Piece: 'Red' Run

2/26 c79 tomayikun31
Can we get a new chapter please!
1/13 c79 oladipoadigun63
Update red run pretty please nowwwww
12/1/2023 c79 Dannjsd
Can you please update red rum as soon as possible
11/28/2023 c79 primenidus
Yessssssssssss he’s back
11/27/2023 c79 tomayikun31
Yessss, New chapter! Can’t wait for next chapter i truly appreciate your work MR/MISS Useli i look foward to your next chapter. Thank you!
11/16/2023 c78 tomayikun31
New chapter,when?
10/20/2023 c78 1adrien48632
The shitty story is nothing else unless you want to see a romance with Robin and besides that, it's just one piece, nothing more
10/10/2023 c78 Jsxtelo
can't wait for what's next
10/2/2023 c11 Blue-Happens
how in the WORLD does Robin being around this much make sense! I like the character dynamic, but is she gonna hold his hand all the way to alabasta while saying she simply must leave now!
its peeving me out, is she going or not?

still good for the most part, good luck with whatever you're doing today
10/2/2023 c8 Blue-Happens
I dont mind it, but how is Robin there? at this point in time, wouldn't she be letting the princess follow her to reveal crocodile's secret identity?
or did that not take long. her power doesn't let her traverse the sea ridiculously easy like some other devil fruit, so idk how she's keeping up with them

regardless, I like what you got goin here! good luck with whatever you're doing today
9/20/2023 c24 2000str
garbage author makes garbage fanfic _l_
9/20/2023 c10 2000str
Wow, you can't write to save your life huh, you really a copycat bastard _l_
9/20/2023 c9 2000str
having OC doing nothing relevant and always block OC from doing anything that might change the canon scene in any way, copy cat fucker _l_
9/20/2023 c9 2000str
Oc attacked arlong with haki a few times... and arlong felt nothing... this oc is really weak, really weak... i mean he can't do anything 0 damage... or it could be author is just a dumbass LoL
9/16/2023 c29 fabulahao
just wondering how old is run?
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