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for One Piece: 'Red' Run

8/28/2022 c43 Guest
Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed that Run took Zoro's iconic moment like that.
8/27/2022 c43 primenidus
Oooh that was so moving Run acted the first mate that he his and took all that pain on himself instead of Zoro what a guy, now I wonder what’s coming next see you at the next update.
8/25/2022 c42 Aryan Harmalkar
M3n I am getting goosebumps can't wait for next chapter
8/25/2022 c42 primenidus
Aw yeah that was an awesome fight, but now I’m curious as to what will happen next will Run be able to fight Kuma or will he fall the next chapter couldn’t come any quicker please get it out soon.
8/24/2022 c41 primenidus
Ok I’ve re-read this story from start to finish so far about 6 times and I must say it never fails to interest me each time
8/22/2022 c12 celesse201
Usually I always skip the reverse Mountain cuz usually there's nothing important sticking out when it comes to OC stories but for this one I read it and I absolutely love the little scenes between Robin and Run I love the retelling of this but I also love the fact that you're adding more character development between Robin and Run I always want it Robin to have someone to rely on after she lost her Island and to know that her and run and Luffy sharing childhood moments great that makes her connection with Luffy a little bit stronger and most importantly it builds up character and relationship development with her love interest Run going from strangers to to friends to lovers and then exploring that even more I absolutely love him telling her home is by his side I think that is very telling you know I'm a big fan of Robin and trying to find stories with her having a decent love interest is hard there's not a lot of Male stories with her just like there's not a lot of original female love interest with her which is what I usually look for but it's not like Yuri with with Robin and the ones that do have her with that is mostly just sex so when I do find a decent OC character regardless of the gender and author that takes their time and writes a good story I continue to enjoy it a lot and even with your original story of this these two it was good I had no problems with your original one but I do like that added addition you've made to this one so far so I enjoy this chapter and I look forward to seeing more.

so yeah I just I love the story I love when the retelling of this I love the connection between Robin and Run I feel like this is a real relationship the communication the trust between the two of them the confidence run has in his devotion and loyalty to her and how he makes her feel safe and I can see that she trusts him she's not hiding when it comes to him there's there's trust there's respect and there's love and most importantly there's a friendship between the two of them they were friends before they became lovers and I think that builds a good relationship and I do have a soft spot for best friends becoming lover's.

And her story and I feel that way with Robin and run and I look forward to seeing more of their background and I'm hoping this Robin fights more I'm curious to see more times with them and fluffy moments with them and them kicking ass and taking names so yeah
8/19/2022 c1 Dickclarke
What the hell kind of name is Run? I would have read this if he had a better name, also Red Run sounds like someone's having a bloody diarrhea.
8/16/2022 c40 someguyfromSLO
Great chapter
8/15/2022 c40 8RisingPluto66 BKA
Run's Shadow has been taken I hope it's not Rocks D. Xebec's body or Gol D. Roger zombies.
8/11/2022 c39 mhmoreno491
This has easily became my favorite book, very nice writing, very understandable, and an over all interesting story, plus I don't see a lot of Nico Robin fanfictions that are male oc and I prefer that. Can't wait for next chapter, and those that follow after.
8/10/2022 c5 5intata
Didn’t robin leave like a few hours before this? I’m confused about her presence
8/6/2022 c39 Guest
Welcome back
7/19/2022 c38 Guest
When are you going to update
7/17/2022 c15 Max
the start was good but boom 12 years time skip and nothing new only filler words no point reading further
7/17/2022 c2 Max
started well but this quicly start to copy the whole sequence of events, only adding filler words...
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