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for One Piece: 'Red' Run

9/16/2023 c29 fabulahao
just wondering how old is run?
9/13/2023 c47 acowles02
If run doesnt learn the six styles from you know who ima be real mad
9/13/2023 c78 Guest
Since no one is asking it I will, how are you today? Are you eating well? Sleeping well? Are you ok? We all missed you. Hope you keep doing well
9/13/2023 c24 acowles02
Im just waiting for enel to gey his shit kicked by Run
9/12/2023 c2 acowles02
Im alrwady imagining zoro and run being best drinking biddies forever
9/11/2023 c78 Dannjsd
Can’t wait for the next chapter
9/11/2023 c78 tomayikun31
Yesssss! New chapter keep up the good work my man! I’m so excited!
9/10/2023 c78 Siriusly Grim
Well this has been a wonderful read over the last couple days. Keep up the excellent work!
9/9/2023 c77 Dannjsd
Can you please update
9/6/2023 c77 tomayikun31
Bruhhhhhhh! I’m so happy,please update soon again I’ve been waiting for so long,thanks for updating I appreciate your hard work and I look forward to next chapter
9/5/2023 c77 primenidus
Yes he’s back and even though it was a brief chapter I’m just happy to see that this story will continue
9/4/2023 c77 ZooFan
Just happy to get another update!
9/2/2023 c1 3bodyjaa
Amazing nice
8/30/2023 c76 Ultyyyyy
pls update soon
8/2/2023 c76 Guest
Bro please drop a new chapter
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