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for Of the Watcher and Lawyer

4/18/2022 c1 Agent N
To some guy criticize my Comment

Whoever you are, screw you! This is Fanfiction for everyone not yours! Everyone will comment on their own about the story they read. If you don't like my comment, then leave me alone! I'm not some kind of trolls like others but I am NOT idiot! Thanks to you, I'm done and I'm leaving! *Leaves *
4/18/2022 c1 5The Final Shinobi
great chapter bro.

I have enjoyed this small series of yours.

Stay safe bro and much well wishes to you and your family.
4/18/2022 c1 To Agent N
Oh, shut up and piss off with your suggestions, you have been pushing others for other nonsensical shit for a while and it is just annoying, get lost, no one cares.
4/17/2022 c1 Agent N
Do another one but this time, it's MCU Peter Parker/Spider-Man sparring with his new partner, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat. This was takes place after No Way Home. They do the same thing until the door open revealing the Avengers in a shocking, hilarious way.
4/17/2022 c1 163Stand with Ward and Queen

Poor Scoobies and Team Angel.
4/17/2022 c1 2OmniIBIBUltraInstinctGodzilla
Yeah, we can expect Wesley and Lilah's sparring session to go like this, if indecent exposure is on the menu that is, HA!

Poor Scoobies and the rest of Team Angel though. Doesn't that Cangel and Spuffy were reminded of their own sparring sessions being indecent, LOL XD!

At least Baby Connor didn't see anything. Otherwise there would be trouble for Weslah.
4/17/2022 c1 478Bl4ckHunter
Well, Wesley and Lilah probably would go like this.

Poor Scoobies and Team Angel, LOL! At least Connor didn't see anything.

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