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8/16 c9 2roon0
Hermione needs to watch out. Such a wonderful chapter. I mean to ask what happens to these muggleborns once they have done breeding?
8/14 c1 ropp
dont have it easy with malfoy ugh, thank you for new story!
8/9 c9 Fanficreader
I am so torn because I love the dynamic of Titus and Hermiones so I'm fearful of what will come with them... but also enjoying this story so much right now... truly whatever you write I'm pretty sure I'll love it. ️
8/8 c9 15Alexxis T. Swan
Yaaas omg I was suspicious at Astronomy Tower but didn’t put two and two together. I love how you brought up her aversion to heights/flying. Ahh a dance under the stars is so damn romantic. I also adore the balance of confidence and hidden nerves you had Draco straddle. The scene was just the perfect mixture of hot, sweet and dangerous. He is her Prince and she is his Princess. There’s just something so ‘royal’ about them. Ooo I wonder who the third contender will be. Harry?
8/7 c9 pgoodrichboggs
Awesome chapter! Hooray to the first kiss and dance with Dramione. Happy that Viktor entered his token. Lol! Theo is hilarious. He’s so sweet and gets into trouble without meaning too. I wonder who will be the other token. I’m happy Draco didn’t try to make Hermione jealous, but got her alone and up to the Astronomy tower instead. He is definitely a smooth operator.
8/7 c9 Little-Mountain-Wolf
This is like watching a high speed race-car accident in slow motion - inspiring guilty, morbid fascination to not take your eyes off what’s happening, even though you know the crash is going to be spectacularly tragic. I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the moment she puts things together and realises that while she has the best of a bad situation, it’s still a BAD situation. And oh the beautiful irony, that it’s Draco’s desire to call her by a name that is uniquely ‘his’ that will keep her grounded in her muggle roots and the reality of what happened to her! Brilliant! I hope you know I mean all of these things in an overwhelmingly GOOD way of course. Insanely good writing to string us along with the undercurrents that are bound to come to a head in due course. I am deliciously uncomfortable reading this story so far, but am looking forward to the sure-to-be kick-arse Moses-inspired deliverance - please keep updating regularly! :)
P.S. Favourite line of this chapter: “I don’t want anyone but you.” Awwwww!
8/7 c9 Guest
8/7 c9 Swcky
What a great way to write a first love, those hormones driving you to do things you might have previously turned your nose up at. Draco, that brat, getting what he wants! But he's so charming and young here, I love it! This chapter was soooo worth the wait. Loved every second of last chapter too. What an epic story, really liked this setting. I love how hermione got her name back aaaa! And that sibling relationship between theo and hermione is On Point! Silly little brothers smh. (yeah I get that these two are the same age but it's something I can relate to as an older sister lol). Viktor is a good boy, nice to know he'll be competing later down the line.
Hope you have the chance to relax until the next update!
8/7 c9 Zooraaa
Amazing chapter! I like the chemistry she and Draco share and am looking forward to the more snogging session! :D
8/7 c9 6Ayr

That’s my only comment for this chapter!
8/7 c9 LadyPerspicax
Even I’m becoming slightly terrified of what Titus is capable of lol… Malfoy definitely has a little streak of Gryffindor courage and a ton of Slytherin cunning to pull off that scheme of his. It was a cute first kiss though. She definitely deserved a sweet experience like that, even if Malfoy is still a manipulative little shit haha
8/7 c9 foreverathogwarts
So stupid good…ugh hate but love Draco?

I also want to say thanks for the trigger warnings. I am so interested even though this story may wreck my emotions I am ready to discover.

Enjoy the family time and see you when you get back, I really hope you know that your words carry across the world and that it’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy them.
8/7 c9 Serennos
I’m reassured that Hermione is at least learning to skirt the truth, going by your warning in the notes. I’m not looking forward to Titus’s other side. Satisfying taster with Hermione and Draco... and sweet, malleable Theo.
Thanks for the update.
8/7 c9 Groovygoose
Amazing how you manage to make me forget that this whole beautiful world you’re crafting is just a poisoned chalice that hermione is whole heartedly chugging. Love hate relationships with everyone gah! Amazing work, and enviable dedication- I’m too flaky, I’d never manage weekly updates! You’re amazing! Thank you so much for your writing!
8/1 c8 15Alexxis T. Swan
Ahh I love it! Yaaas you bailed Victor Krum. I’m so excited to see what Draco pulls next chapter.
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