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12/18/2023 c45 17Depressed Mizuki
Honestly, it's kinda sad to see Titus having fallen so far. Way back in the beginning, despite the power imbalance, I was kinda rooting for him. The whole childhood crush eventually becoming a real romance thing can be a fun read, especially when said childhood crush is kinda twisted, but man... once he went from doting and protective (if suffocating) to just... "I WILL DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD IF IT MEANS I CAN OWN THIS ONE WOMAN REGARDLESS OF HER OWN FEELINGS" it's been a sad state of affairs. He basically deserves the worst possible ending at this point... Like he deserves to have not only her feelings for Draco shoved in his face, but just... everything crumble around him. Under no circumstances should he come out of this physically unscathed. (He's already not emotionally unscathed, and I expect more emotional torture for him in the future, just considering how things have gone so far.)

I am very, very much looking forward to Hermione rising from the ashes of this fallout. ...And yet there's a terrible part of me that wants like... a very dark permanent reminder of this whole nightmare for her. Moreso than physical and emotional scars. My brain honestly goes towards Titus lying to her about the six month thing and her ending up with his kid, but man... considering how dark this already is, I feel like that might be pushing it.

In terms of plot... I am really curious as to what the hell is hidden in that desk. My mind also keeps going back to the wrongness and rage Hermione felt from the statue during her ritual. Clearly those fuckers are doing SOMETHING wrong, and I wouldn't be surprised if, instead of breaking the curse, their gross acts of defiling women with blood magic are actually what's making it more unstable/potentially stronger. I also can't help but think that the order is ALSO doing something that's not helping and they're just not telling any of the younger members. I know Hermione suspects it already, but... I just can't see them as being 100% good either. This story is a shades of gray story. No way are they just the bland ass good guys. I'm waiting for whatever the ritual ACTUALLY did and that skin-bound book to come back into play... it'll be interesting to see where you take it.

Anyway, regardless, I am here for whatever happens these next 20-ish chapters. A good dark fic is always a great read when you're in the headspace for it.
12/17/2023 c45 1BanditKing
Fuck the process this chapter kept me up all night. Excellent job. There had better be a rough ass kicking for Titus coming.
12/17/2023 c45 shadowfax00
Ohh my goshh. This was absolutely heartbreaking! So many betrayals and the numbness she felt probably dulled her hatred and ability to cast a crucio. She doesn't love him anymore but she doesn't hate him either? Even after all this? Nott took it as a sign of her love. Maybe he's delusional, or atleast I wonder if he is. I really hope we get a Hermione POV that can help us unpack what happened.

I'm so saddened at this chapter though, you're a phenomenal to invoke such emotions in your readers!
12/16/2023 c45 3NightlyRayne
Oooohhh, Draco is gonna be furious! I can’t wait for the chaos he’s going to bring! lol excellent chapter! Can’t wait for the next one!
12/16/2023 c45 ultimateb
I’m not a member of AO3 which is where I had switched to reading this amazing fic. But since comment settings changed, I still really wanted to leave you a note showing you some appreciation, so doing it here! This story has had me captivated from the beginning. I usually check daily to see if you had updated… so I was so happy to see the new chapter today! And you didn’t disappoint, I know dramione is endgame but it doesn’t lessen the anxiety of the drama while getting here. Poor naive Draco, he got so outplayed. I can’t even fault his father, because it makes total sense he would betray them for all the reasons in his perspective. I can’t wait to see how this story continues to play out. Thank you again for taking the time to create and share this world.
12/16/2023 c45 5xXxUnReQuitEdxXx
Thank you! I am so looking forward to the next chapter!
12/16/2023 c45 PixieM
Oh my days... Ahhhh I love this!
12/9/2023 c29 1BanditKing
I have never loved a Draco more than this Draco. Your writing is pure magic.
12/2/2023 c44 shadowfax00
Wow. This was so action packed. I love how Draco found a way to be next to her. Lol. But why do I get the feeling that Lucius is the one behind the portkey malfunctioning in the first place? And why do I feel like her escape won't be as smooth as they're planning...
I REALLY HOPE that Titus hasn't found something compromising about the Order. Especially not Charlie, because I really really like/adore him and I hope we get to see more of him. He seemed really cool and badass.
12/2/2023 c44 2Ana Dolohov
draco is so sweet to hermione, love the trust they have built
love titus's reactions to the draco nd hermione scenes, it was what he deserved in my opinion
thanksss a bunch for the chapter, im js gonna go nd scream abt how adorable the ending was...
11/12/2023 c44 1springtony
I love so much this story i can't wait to see more chapters
11/10/2023 c44 Jessica Crooks
This is my absolute favorite story at the moment! I dont usually leave reviews, too self conscious lol but your work is amazing! I rarely follow wips but i check every day for your updates!
11/8/2023 c41 Nan1583
omg omg... this story is one of the best... love your writing...can't wait to read this as a whole again after it ends
11/7/2023 c44 5xXxUnReQuitEdxXx
Love Draco's humour! I can't even express my excitement at the update. Thank you!
11/6/2023 c44 Anon
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