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11/6/2023 c44 PixieM
Why do I like Titus so much ...
11/6/2023 c44 NeverRegretAnything
I truly love this story so much. The devotion between Draco and Hermione 3
11/5/2023 c43 2Ana Dolohov
so damn excited for the next update!
11/3/2023 c43 1Etoiles de minuit
still waiting for the new chapter to drop. ...
11/1/2023 c43 1DestinyManifested
Hope you get inspired to finish this story
10/15/2023 c43 shadowfax00
When I read your warning about this story becoming darker, I was really shocked because it was already one of the darkest stories I've read on this site. Holy hell, the torture and slavery depicted was hair raising. Scary. And their impulsive decision to save the little girl had me on the edge of my seat.

I'm not sure how to feel about Titus. At this point, she would have died fighting without his intervention. He has rescued her multiple times now. He still thinks of her as a puppy misbehaving. I really don't know if he's that delusional or just that insanely powerful and strong. I'm leaning towards the latter, considering the ease with which he despatched the man who hit her and shut others up from even questioning his treasonous behaviour. It kinda makes me wanna see him go all out in a magical duel, what a fearsome sight he would make. I think Hermione may one day be up to defeating him, but she's far away from that right now. I really don't wanna see him turn on her, that shit scares me.

Onto the portkey malfunctioning, what the heck happened there? Did Lucius intervene and swap it? Or did he bribe someone to supply a malfunctioning one because he wanted her out of the picture? Titus isn't gonna let this go, I don't know what is gonna happen with the Malfoy's having control over her. Will she be forced to relocate? The anticipation is killing me.
10/12/2023 c43 Marianna131994
Oh my goodnesssssss! Ahhh dont make us wait a century!
10/11/2023 c43 5xXxUnReQuitEdxXx
I am on the edge of my seat once again! Thank you
10/10/2023 c42 shadowfax00
Phew! I caught up and holy shit I was not expecting to see Sirius! He was my favourite character in the books and he got killed off way too early imo, so to see him here is such a treat! I love Charlie too! I'm glad she decided to stay a week. I really wanna see more of the order...and that but about her father seriously blew my mind. Did he hide it from the order because he knew of the possible betrayal by the secret keeper? Or was it some other reason? Does it have to do with the mist? I'm LOVING the intrigue and i can't wait for some answers.
10/8/2023 c42 pgoodrichboggs
Loved this chapter. Glad that they released tge shackles from Hermione and that she thought about her marriage to Draco even though the reality is sad. I adore that Draco cares so much about Hermione that he reached out to Sirius.
9/20/2023 c42 xXxUnReQuitEdxXx
I've been constantly checking for updates and so grateful for this chapter!
9/10/2023 c1 RedShortCake
Are they going to be able to block fhe portkey? I love the update. Thanks for posting
9/9/2023 c41 pgoodrichboggs
Amazing chapters! I adore your writing. You can make a character I dislike into a beloved character and one I like into one that I then dislike. Absolutely glorious! Hoping Hermione can get back to Draco soon. I’m sure he is very worried right about now. We usually see Bellatrix as an unfavorable character and yet I really like her in this book and Sirius whom we usually like is kind of a jerk in this one. Can’t wait to see what Hermione does.
9/4/2023 c41 throwingthisemailacctaway
I’m so curious to see what Titus is going to do. I miss his character in the story
9/1/2023 c41 Guest
Noooooooo! I knew the Order would be this way but it was still hard to read. I’m afraid she’s going to have to stay there a long time.
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