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6/2/2022 c1 suzannelittle916
I really love this. please update asap. I've finished all your other stories!
5/31/2022 c1 DelLove16
I’m excited for the new story but all I can say is she better get her bunny back and hopefully soon
5/30/2022 c1 2roon0
Oh my gosh, this Lucius needs a really hard arse whipping before he dies.
5/29/2022 c1 pinktomate
Jesus...I am speechless.

what a gift you have! i'm hooked to the story!

Thank you!
5/22/2022 c1 AdeLina2b
Can't wait to see where this one is going..
but being a massive BNW fan, I believe this one too will head to twisted and very interesting path that will be really intriguing
Is that by any chance (with all the Tags) a HEA
5/21/2022 c1 IsaLaw-AL
I hadn't read that beginning yet; both a mistake and a blessing (because, what a torture to wait for the sequel now )
It's a really interesting and unprecedented starting point for an HP dystopia. I can't wait to read what you are preparing for us, dear author!
I wish you a good continuation and, again, a big thank you for these moments of escape: your writing is fascinating, as always.
Greetings from Normandy.
5/6/2022 c1 LadyPerspicax
So hyped for this!
5/4/2022 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Grabbing the story to save I freaking love Draco and I am looking forward to what else you come out
5/3/2022 c1 Guest
One chapter and I love this already! I have a couple questions if you don't mind.
1) How many chapters do you think it'll be?
2) Will this fic be only available here or Ao3 too?
4/29/2022 c1 29SweetSwizzle614
Oh god! This is so good already! Ready for more chapters!
4/29/2022 c1 Iseult
Will definitely read!
4/25/2022 c1 6Ayr
Yes ! Cnt wait for more!
4/25/2022 c1 Inhdrae
it took me a minute to understand the Prince of egypt thème, but now that i get it i'm impatient to see how all of that is going to evolve, and how Hermione is going to deliver the muggles and muggleborne.
Hinting that there will ne The handmaid Tales themes remind me of one of my favorite ff on here (Manacled by SenLiYu) ...and that just makes me even more impatient for this new story!
thank your muse for me, she's awesome and thank you for sharing all those really beautiffuly written stories !
4/24/2022 c1 Serennos
Cracking start! Definitely looking forward to more...
4/24/2022 c1 10Alice1420
Aaaa pero por Dios no puedes darme una joya así y decirme que no la publicaras aún... Ya quiero ver qué pasa... En esta historia aparece Harry?
Quizás como amigo quizás como posible pretendiente ... Está historia es dramione no?
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