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9/1/2023 c41 2Ana Dolohov
11 minutes ago...
brilliant chapter!
thanks for updating :)
8/27/2023 c39 DjinnT
This was possibly my favorite chapter!
8/22/2023 c40 throwingthisemailacctaway
Another amazing chapter! Thank you!
8/18/2023 c40 shadowfax00
OMG OMG OMG This chapter had me on the EDGE if my seat! Holy she's going to an order safehouse disguised as THAT? GAHHHH OMG
8/15/2023 c40 RedShortCake
Love the update! I cant wait to see what happens next. Thanks for posting
8/15/2023 c1 littlelynn22
read through the 40 chapters in less than 24 hours. I dont have the words to describe how much this story speaks to me. thanks for writing it and sharing it <3
8/12/2023 c39 throwingthisemailacctaway
Hope you are doing well! Very excited for what happens next!
7/15/2023 c39 shadowfax00
Wow so we finally got to know more about Deanna. This was such a sad story, but it really explains a lot about why Draco is always so respectful even though he grew up just as entitled as other Purebloods.
7/14/2023 c39 throwingthisemailacctaway
Wow this chapter brought me to tears. So moving and well written. This was both passionate and intense and really brought on all of my deepest emotions. Thank you so much for such a beautiful story!
7/14/2023 c39 Guest
The heartache, desperation, passion, and intensity between these two is such a potent combination. Bittersweet and incandescent at the same time.
7/10/2023 c38 1AnnaBurton5.5apple26
Happy you’re back! I hope things are kinder and calmer now.
I’m veeeeery interested to know what Hermione does with that hair.
7/9/2023 c38 Jessica Crooks
Thank you for the early chapter! Ive been trying to patiently wait until august but it was a wonderful surprise to see an update! My heart breaks for Titus but im so glad she sticks with Draco! Cant wait for tbe next update!
7/5/2023 c38 Guest
Your writing is insane. I just caught up on everything today and wow I am amazed! I hope your mental health improves, though! Your writings themselves actually help with my mental health as well and offer an awesome escape from reality. Thank you thank you thank you!
7/2/2023 c38 Lalaland
Another great chapter! I love those moments between Hermione and Titus. Can't wait for more
7/2/2023 c38 shadowfax00
I know you probably get sick of people telling you that you're such a master storyteller but this chapter was bloody good. How do you capture the intricacies of human relationships and emotions SO WELL?! The vivid descriptions of her childhood to her difficult and conflicting feelings about Titus omg *chef's kiss*.
I swear I thought Titus was seriously on his best behaviour and she'd probably give in to some of his demands. All throughout when she brought up Julie, I thought, wow, she really went to Titus for help before Draco. And why shouldn't she? The only reason blaise was missing his fingers was Titus after all. And towards the end I really thought that she was letting him stew so she could haggle better terms, but NO. She never needed Titus in the first place for her plans and that was freaking awesome. It was almost like it was a test. Like she was wondering if he cared about her enough to offer her help without any strings attached. As if SHE was sizing him up and giving him a chance all along to stay in her life. NOT HIM. And when he kept talking about compromise and negotiations it just felt uncomfortable and crass. It made me realise that he would never really let go of the power dynamic, things on HIS terms and for that, he lost her. Not because SHE was cruel, but HE was. And he never even realised that. Because he can't think outside the box that he's put his mind in. I mean, this was just beautiful.

And I would say we've been a very privileged audience to have an author that keeps us informed about updates, regular or not. Please don't feel pressured to keep to a schedule. I'm also glad to hear you're feeling better!
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