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3/9 c37 Margaret Redmon
I loved this story. Poor Julie. She had been told nothing and it was such a culture shock when she saw everything. I'm happy everyone told her everything that had been going on. I can't wait for Julie to talk to Nathan. Of course he won't be upset with her. He isn't that kind of man
3/9 c37 Guest
Chapter 37 is so great. It was wonderful to see Julie change her attitude and opinions after observing and listening. Well done.
3/10 c37 dpmancill
Well done, definitely anticipating many more chapters. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
3/10 c37 4heather4cu
Aww this was a really good redemption arc for Julie. I'm glad she's sticking around for a while.
3/10 c37 Julmarcel
Glad to see that Julie has become more reasonable, I really like Colleen standing up for her brother. How can you not like Nathan when you know him?
3/9 c37 7Missela
I'm glad that Julie realized that she was missing some pertinent information. That overheard conversation and the good sleep did a world of good. She was willing to change her opinions. I also felt her frustration at not knowing everything. Fortunately, it's all worked out now and Julie can get to know the charming town and her family. I love that Allie was the one to help them all see that they are family!
3/9 c37 8K8eSunbug
I'm glad Julie knows the truth of Elizabeth and Nathan's situation now- she really was being terrible. Hopefully she will continue to let go of her prejudices and pride and truly get to know her sister’s new life and family. Kudos to Colleen for calling her out.

And yes, I am so hoping for a miracle for Colleen... maybe her brother’s in-laws know a fancy doctor with a new treatment... a misdiagnosis and different medication... she wakes up one morning while and healed by the power of prayer... you get the idea.
2/28 c36 Guest
I hope Julie quickly leaves town!
2/28 c36 Guest
Loved it! I sure hope there is a discussion between Colleen and Julie coming!
3/2 c36 dpmancill
Intriguing and leaving your readers wanting much more. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
2/28 c36 SaSeLi777
Julie, the trouble maker… but it sounds like she is trying to make Nathan look bad to take the focus off of herself!

So glad everyone is calmly supporting Nathan. I think if Julie pops off again, though, she is going to get a good of Colleen!
2/28 c36 7Missela
Well, Julie is providing a tough start to the marriage. But I have confidence that Elizabeth and Nathan can win her over before too long! Especially with all of their friends protecting them.
2/28 c36 8K8eSunbug
Ohh..I definitely am not liking this version of Julie. Viola, I could see behaving this way, but Julie?! (Well, not the impulsively trek across the country without permission part...) Definitely can't wait to see where this is going to go.
Nathan, bless him, is giving her far more grace than I would. I am more in Elizabeth and Colleen's side- she needs to behave it go home!

Am I the only one thinking a day or two of no indoor plumbing could send Julie on her way?Great story, can't wait for more.
2/15 c35 Margaret Redmon
Another good chapter, filled with love and emotion. How sad it is going to be when Colleen passes. Nathan loves her so much and so does Elizabeth, even though she hasn't known her very long. Also Elizabeth knows that she will be the woman who will raise Allie. I'm sorry too that Elizabeth didn't open the Telegram sooner. I'm just thankful that Nathan insisted she open it and let him read it!
2/15 c35 Guest
I’m still loving this story. Thank you!
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