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8/27 c8 6ChubbyNingen
Hey whenever u get around to updating this can you add Roxie to narutos pairing? It doesnt need to be a harem but you could make it a double pairing with Naruto x Yaz x Roxie. Also love the story so far and is naruto 3rd scent that rexy smelled from her?
8/9 c8 DaftMerc39
I thought the Troodons got Komodo Dragon venomous bite dna in Jurassic Park Telltale. Glad the campers know how to treat Naruto's bite with the tranquilizer. Guess they use too much tranquilizer on Naruto, least they give him an adrenaline.

Lol the way Naruto yells about saying Yaz has a sexy ass and thighs and him laying on Yaz lap and mumbling about Yaz in his sleep. Glad Yaz was happy to hear Naruto what he think of her. I bet if Naruto in any Crossovers of him yell out and mumbling in sleep about who he's pairing with as a compliment.

Naruto supply run for foods and items great, I wonder what Naruto just said about next bit is just for the girls.

Nice that Naruto dig his father's grave and carved his name and talked to him about everything what happened, glad Naruto told him about his group and Yaz.

I bet Naruto would tell his mom's grave that he had a special someone like Yaz.

Great party for Naruto and Yaz to dance, then they watch the night sky of meteorites and they embrace each other.

It's almost like Naruto and the campers were in a Dino Crisis to survive.
8/9 c8 23redlox2
A nice chapter. I liked the addition where naruto digs a grave for his dad (who in canon is just mostly forgotten after the incident)
8/8 c8 4fangs of death
great chapter
8/8 c8 Estex71
been a while man, great chapter, keep it up.
8/7 c8 Samuel Santillan
I like it, good chapter.
It's been a while since I saw a new chapter of this fic and I loved it, wow things have gotten really hard for Naruto and his friends, but working together they're getting ahead.
Naruto is the sole heir to everything his father owned, what will Naruto do when he leaves the island?
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8/7 c8 1grudgematch
It was a fun chapter to read i have to say my favorite part is when Naruto blurted about Yaz thighs and ass had me giggling
8/7 c8 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
This chapter was freaking great!
I definitly loved the part when Brooklyn injected naruto with the adrenaline and he yelled out that he though that Yaz was sexy
So funny!
8/7 c8 Leonardo Rivera Bringas
excelente cap ya me a Vi preocupado de que ya no siguieras con la serie pero esperaré el siguiente cap
8/7 c8 jjfighter99
Good chapter, can't wait to see the next one.
8/7 c8 13LoneWolf-O1
Nice Ch. can't wait for more!
6/25 c1 Leonardo Rivera Bringas
ya mero el siguiente cap era semanas no meses
6/24 c7 45Zero Arashi Uchiha
Well i look forward to seeing more of this. I hope Naruto runs into Blue in the next chapter. I personally like the Naruto x Yasmina pairing shes my favorite in the show and hot. If naruto has Raptor genes wouldn't he i dont know partially turn into Raptor? Since hes also half human
6/23 c1 Zero Arashi Uchiha
I like Where this is going. Just started watching Jurassic world series today. Makes me want to write a naruto x Jurassic world/park
4/21 c7 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
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