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for What We Do For Family

6/2 c11 shunshu
Wow I liked I hope they update soon
5/18 c11 MewdynZoldyck
Estúpido Danzō con sus estúpidas maquinaciones,ya decía yo que el viejo chiflado estaba demasiado calladito para ser bueno. ¡Deja que sean felices! ¡Merecen una familia estable maldita sea! Si no lo mata Itachi primero, lo mato yo.
¡Gracias por el capítulo! ¡Ten un bonito día!
4/18 c11 lala
Merci !
4/18 c11 5The Lonely Lady of Shallot
I get why Harry is scared, but I really wish he would tell them about the magic already. I do feel like at this point of his life, he wouldn’t really care about what the Ministry thinks anymore. And the fact that no one immediately showed up after his use of magic shows that his underage trace might not being working.
4/17 c11 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
4/15 c10 Guest
Great! Excited to see what happens next!
4/17 c11 Jostanos
*raises an eyebrow* "a 'log' time..", Sci?
I believe that you meant: "a _long_ time.." correct? *warm grins*

omake: A mauve haired lad wearing what appeared to be 'stereotypical, but appropriate for the elemental nations area' gear heard this from his 'hidden' location in the shadows.
"Like hell you will." he scowled.

Hmm? Who is he? Haven't you guessed?
I'm not telling! *eye smiles*


"Like hell you will, baka. hatchling will be safe from your machinations even if I have to help KO your entire organization."

omake end.

Please continue when you may, my friend. :)
4/17 c11 Ronin Kenshin
i still don't get his thinking yeah there not magical but there not muggles either tell them about magic and tell them why you have to keep it secret there are exceptions for family afterall good work
4/17 c11 4Monster King
Awesome work
4/11 c10 joset08
Good chapter and sudden tension.
3/15 c10 lala
Génial !
3/16 c10 zkianpour371
Please update
Thank you
3/16 c10 Jostanos
I wouldn't be too surprised if those "ANBU" that attacked were ROOT agents sent by Danzo to attempt to capture Harry.
Well that failed miserably... FOR THEM! MWAHAHAHA!
Several KO'd by Sasuke and Naruto, and a potential prisoner captured by Harry!
What may happen to Harry's be spelled foe?
T&I? Death? Being sent back to whomever they 'belong to' as a 'message' from the Uchiha Cousins and Naruto?

The answers to those questions and more in the next chapter(s) of:
What We Do For Family!

Stay tuned! *eye smiles*
3/15 c10 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
3/15 c10 4Monster King
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