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5/11 c13 1CMY187
Welcome back, Napoleon1815.

As I start this review I’m listening a Napoleonic French music playlist. First song is Chant du Depart.

“Fortune sides with he who dares”
Nobunaga launching an audacious attack on an enemy army that heavily outnumbered him. Caesar crossing the Rubicon. Napoleon overthrowing the Directory.
All were gamblers, willing to risk everything to gain everything.

“hoarse, and not enthusiastic in any measure”
Being a soldier. Very, very boring. Lots of moving around and lots of waiting.
“rode nonstop south of Tristain”
You’re subordinate to Napoleon, which means you will be running around and working a lot. Poor Berthier.
“General Napoleon and Miss Valliere are counting on us”
They are loyal to both. Louise personally commanded artillery units.
“close to a covert operation”
What Napoleon did was daring, audacious and will anger Tabitha’s captors. The moment he met Tabita’s familiar and learned of what happened, he wasted no time and acted immediately and decisively. Typical Napoleon.
“Louise was delighted to see her former classmate”
More peaceful and idle times, when Louise’s day-to-day concerns were of embarrassing herself in front of her classmates.
She said it while she was summoning her familiar; she wanted to be respected, to be acknowledged for her talents and capabilities.
“sipped his coffee over the campfire”
Knowing Napoleon, he would have been planning the rescue operation and hasn’t gotten much if any sleep.
“Louise and I conducted a reconnaissance earlier today”
…seriously, what happens in this chapter is crazy. Word WILL get out of what happened; Louise and Napoleon attacking a Gallian stronghold to ‘kidnap’ someone.
“She will bombard the fortress”
Louise is now a LIVING WEAPON. Any ruler or monarch who has a brain would have taken note of her and decided that she is someone who cannot be underestimated. Karin for her part believes that Napoleon is the only ‘bad guy’ here and that she must eliminate him to ‘get her daughter back.’
Funny how Karin only suddenly wants Louise back in the Valliere family after Louise turned out to be a powerful, prominent and important figure in the continent.
The Tristainian civil war has to be resolved quickly, before Gallia and Germania get ideas of attacking a weakened Tristain.
“our living mortar and siege artillery”
Heh. Now I’m imagining Louise doing calculations in her head as she adjusts her aim at a unit of massed enemy infantry.
“the giant blue beast dropped from the sky”
Sylphid can be quiet when she wants to be.
“Men will come and try to teach you things”
I am currently watching the Marie Antoinette TV series (now at S01E08). I recommend it.
“carted in a potion in the room, and the Duchess was to drink it”
Some of the male rulers in 1700s/1800s Europe were monsters to their wives.
“this feels like the part of the story where we make a run for it”
He was a bard in a previous life, wasn’t he?
“Louise’s loud, high-pitched voice”
She has never done something like this; a covert, highly dangerous mission with only a handful of operatives. She has participated in surprise night-time attacks, but she was accompanied by many soldiers at the time.
“We had to fight through like, a hundred guards”
Napoleon called Sheffield a servant and flunky, for all her power and skill. He said this to her face.
“It did so with relative ease”
Guiche is scary. Mages are a terrifying lot.
“perhaps Pope Vittorio would fill him in about what was really going on”
Julio is frustrated that no one is telling him anything.
“Boys were to frolick, to go out and be with friends, and to enjoy youth”
Napoleon spent most of his youth immersed in books and study, though he did participated in sports and in playing with the other boys in the military academy in France.
“since Julio was Pope Vittorio’s Familiar”
Wait, WHAT?
“it meant he could sleep tonight in an all-girls convent”
Yeah, Julio is a young man alright.
“like the eyes of a girl with no friend”
…what is going on here?
“The orphan? That’s Josette. She’s a Gallian. She has lived in this convent all her life”
Something is going on here, and Julio knows it. He may decide to investigate.

Review done! Next story for me to review today is Napoleon of Another World! by CJ Spencer (on Wattpad)
If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.
5/10 c1 Dhestrya
3/17 c12 VonKarajan
We await your return oh mighty one...
11/28/2023 c12 9Wangbu
When is the next chapter coming out?
9/22/2023 c12 palawan man
"There is nothing we can do"
7/23/2023 c12 The Black Cat 1843
Great chapter! I hope the new movie about Napoleon can inspire you to continue this fanfiction.
7/5/2023 c1 Wangbu
Napoleon1815 you have done an amazing job in continuing this fic. I can wholeheartedly say this as good as the original. I will love to see more in the future.
6/13/2023 c1 Darkmoon75
Plz update this, you been gone for long time now, i loved this series
5/24/2023 c12 Guest
Can't wait for The Emperor of Zero ((continuation) continuation)
5/8/2023 c12 Dani G. German
Nice chapter. Nappy and Louise were going to rescue Tabitha, I wonder if they can rescue her in a short time. But anyways, you should watch this video on how Napoleonic Government worked: *h ttps* :/ /www .youtube .com */watch* ?vAS8NminfvNo Napoleon could reorganize the Tristanian Government again once the civil war is over. And maybe he could learn from his previous mistakes during his reign.
5/3/2023 c12 Guest
Binged this and the og in two days and I’m not dissatisfied at all! The writing style change was way more pronounced in the first chapter but after that it became unnoticeable. I can not wait for the eventual final battle that will decide the fate of the civil war. I can’t help but feel for best girl Louise with all that happened in these two fics.
2/28/2023 c1 gyroxydite
Thank you for doing this
1/21/2023 c12 Havel the Hebel
Ah, we finally get into Tabitha, the claimant of Gallia.
Well, this should lead to something more interesting.
For a second I thought Napoleon already devising a plan to save Tabitha using Forquet. ...actually, I forgot what happened to Forquet in the original fic.

All in all, I don't have any complains atm, keep up the good work.
1/20/2023 c12 1CMY187
Awesome to see another chapter of this story. Let’s go.

Listening to this video while I type:
One House of French Revolutionary Music (by GETchan on Youtube)

“Audacity, more audacity, always audacity”
(looks up Georges Danton) French lawyer and leading figure in the French Revolution. Responsible for inciting the September Massacres. The first President of the Committee of Public Safety. Eventually guillotined for criticizing the Committee’s actions and decisions.
One of his most famous quotes is ‘Audacity, more audacity, always audacity and the Fatherland will be saved!’
(looks up) Now I want to learn more about the leading figures of the French Revolution. Robespierre in his earlier years hated the death penalty and fought against it.

“Tears filled her eyes and an overjoyed smile lit up her face”

‘A King has no friends. Only followers and foes.’
- The King (2019)

‘A King has no friends. Only subjects and enemies.’
- Stannis Baratheon to Catelyn Tully

“slapping her across the face”
Louise was nearly murdered by her own mother because in Karin’s eyes, Louise had disgraced the Valliere name by ‘failing’ to protect Henrietta.
“unconsciously had been trapped into”
This is horrifying.
“The forest around her was dark and wistful”
On the eve of the Battle of Jena in 1806, it was a dark night, and – allegedly – Napoleon was nearly shot by one of his own soldiers by mistake. I wonder if he would recall the incident in this story.
“She felt cold”
Humans can wield magic in this world…yet there are old and ancient beings that could crush human mages like they are naught but insects.
“Her cruel mother”
Louise has lost all affection and sentiment for her mother, if she ever had it. Karin never bothered to try to express any warmth or affection to her. Or if she did, it was drowned by the rest of the manner in which she treated her.
Karin may be a capable ruler and administrator, but she is a terrible parent. Reminds me of real-life figures like Catherine the Great.
“the Prince had been unmistakable affectionate towards her”
This is one hundred percent Napoleon’s fault.
“She was going off to war. She was going to leave them all”
This is what you wanted, Louise. Never forget that.
“There was a path, and it demanded to be traipsed on her own”
Tristain – and the entire continent – is engulfed in tension and war. And Louise wants to not only be a part of it, but to be a driving force.
“The murderer Siesta, holding a knife, as thin and cruel as it was”
Listening to La Marseillaise now. How many ordinary peasants became bloodthirsty murderers during the French Revolution?
“The Spirit merely held her hand and led her back to them”
The Spirit does not like Napoleon at all, and even attempted to kill him.
In my opinion, Napoleon is definitely not a ‘good’ guy, but there is a reason that is known by many as the ‘Father of Modern France’.
Personally, I am actually more interested in how Louise would fare as a governor and administrator than as a military commander.
Imagine her and Napoleon disagreeing on political, diplomatic, economical and even military strategy.
“The dream took her through a series of rooms”

‘One day, one room.’
- House MD

“being trapped inside your dream”
The recurring dreams in Heat (1995).
Does Napoleon have a recurring dream? He is notorious for working very long hours and sleeping little.
“She had tasted battlefields. She was becoming nearly used to it”
By the time of the year 1815, Michel Ney probably wanted to die. He was never the same after the Retreat From Moscow in 1812, and eyewitness accounts stated that he had become a man who behaved as though he was seeking death.
“Now, her ‘friend’ wishes to take her Prince for herself”
There are no friends in this Game, Louise. Not one.
(looks at Napoleon) Her partner. Her mentor. Her friend. And who has already betrayed and lied to her numerous times, and will do so many times more.
“Guilt was a rotting fruit nestled in her chest”
I absolutely love the writing in this story that Napoleon was never quite the same again after the Battle of Aspern-Essling.
“the dream meant with the Prince”
Honestly, marrying James may only damage Louise even more.
“the spidery lines of lacerations on the skin of her hand”
I love this writing; that immense power comes at a great price. It’s something that I wish could be written for all superhero-characters and even supervillains. In my opinion, perhaps the best example is Daredevil/Matt Murdock; his abilities are just as much a curse to him as they are a blessing.
“What if she cast an even stronger explosion?”
For all her power, Louise is only human. Can her physical body handle discharging such insane power? How do you cast a spell without being affected by it yourself? Perhaps this is the majority of most studying and practicing of magic; ensuring your own personal safety.
“accidentally blow her hand into smithereens”
Wardes in his arrogance attempting to handle what turned out to be a rocket launcher without taking proper precautions.
“She’d save Napoleon”
You cannot save someone who does not want to be saved.
“depended on the strokes of luck”
I agree.
“bring peace to my whole world”
World peace is impossible, Louise, and you know it.
“hundreds more states which are constantly at odds with each other”

‘The empire, long divided, must unite. Long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.’
- Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

“uttered those words in disbelief”
I love this. Matilda is flabbergasted at her new comrades/masters. What has she gotten herself into? Napoleon and Louise are at least not threatening the orphanage, but still…
“Most quiet folks never saw beyond the confines of their communes”
Oh, how I can relate to this. I live in a very, very small country. A tiny one, even.
“Could it be done? Rule the world?”
I grinned evilly at this. If she somehow accomplishes this, Louise would become one of the most legendary figures of all time. She would become one of the great figures of history, like Alexander the Man-Of-Many-Nicknames (thanks to Overly Sarcastic Productions), Gaius Julius Caesar and a certain Corsican in real life.
“he had visited faraway lands when he was younger”
Apparently, books about Napoleon are second in sales only to the bible.
“often talked enthusiastically of the Holy Lands”
I love this.
“make a valiant pilgrimage”
The First Crusade. Pillaging, pillaging, and more pillaging…before you even cross into enemy territory.
“a dream shared by so many kindred knights”
You can bet that the elves are very much aware of this imperialistic ambition to take the Holy Lands.
“over a thousand years ago”
I think that the last thing that the elves want is for their enemies to be united under a single banner.
“it continued to live in the hearts of many Halkeginian knights until today”
Also, I randomly imagined Napoleon watching a stage performance of Les Miserables.
“were he to take a villainous turn”
Too late, Louise. Napoleon is already very much a bad guy.
“What was Napoleon like when he was younger?”
At the Siege of Toulon, Napoleon was only 24 years old.
“through merit”
Not entirely true. Napoleon was skilled in politics as well.
“What was he looking for? What was he trying to prove?”
I love this so much. This story is critical to BOTH Louise and Napoleon, asking them over and over; WHY are they doing this? Is it truly to better the world, or just to benefit themselves?
“What kind of person was Napoleon?”
Now I’m imagining Louise reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
“kind of storybook hero”
The Battle of Agincourt. Henry V won a victory against seemingly impossible odds. The next thing he did was to execute all his prisoners.
“What had happened to turn Napoleon so gray, weathered as the cliffs facing an icy sea?”
I love that this story BOTH glorifies and vilifies Napoleon. In the end, he was just a human being like all of us. He started the war in Spain. The Peninsular War was one hundred percent his fault. It was completely avoidable. Spain was his ALLY.
“only three true constants”
He left war and death in one world only to find war and death in another.
“he had no interest in making any more friends”
His Marshals all turned against him in the end, refusing to fight what they all KNEW was a pointless battle to try to retake Paris.
“the goal of almost every knight”
I suspect that the elves’ greatest ally is the desert. How many Crusades in this world failed before they could even get to the great holy city, with hundreds if not thousands of knights falling to heat, thirst, starvation and disease?
Henry V’s army lost more men to dysentery than to the actual Battle of Agincourt.
A certain Austrian believed that Germany was on borrowed time, and that the only way to save the German people from mass starvation was to invade and conquer the lands to the east.
“Something had driven Wardes to traipse the path he did now”
Louise is afraid not of failure but of success; that it could make her become just as villainous as her enemies. There are no good guys in this story.
“the Emperor wanted to light up his entire world”
The Jewish ghettos in Italy. Napoleon brought something that could have scarcely been imagined before; Emancipation at the Barrel of a Gun.
Sometimes there is no peaceful or nice way to get what you want. You have to TAKE it.
“Louise’s rose-coloured eyes were shining”
It is good that she questions herself, but there will be times where there is no room to doubt oneself.
“She had memorized the words permanently”
Now I want a golden franc.
“a small spark to light up an entire world”

‘When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold.’
- Prince Klemens von Metternich, Austrian Chancellor.

“Louise scoffed”
Napoleon talking to younger-Napoleon.
“The greatest civilization that has ever graced my world”
The Roman Republic and later Empire really is that fascinating.
“the finest kind of society mankind can nurture for himself”
Democracy. Power to the people, the masses, the consumers, etc. It is messy, chaotic, etc, but in my opinion it is better than the alternative.
“What kind of fervor is possessing this girl?”
“I dislike the idea”
When he was First Consul of France, there were numerous attempts on his life.
“I can’t recall the last time one ended well in my time”
“teach me how to make war”

‘Kill them all’.
- The King (2019)

(looks up) …I can see Louise making such a decision in the future; executing all of her prisoners.
“tonight we only survive by the strength of your powers”
What if she were to lose all her powers, Napoleon? What then?
“It’s a matter of survival now”
They have gone too far to turn back at this point. Louise and Napoleon must win or die.
“I’ve long resigned myself to indifference towards the opinions of my own family”
Napoleon’s own sister Caroline encouraged her husband Murat to betray him.
“Louise mumbled glaring at him”
He is such a good influence for her, and at the same time such a terrible one. Napoleon is…ARGH. I love him and at the same time I hate him.
“four miles long and two miles at its widest point…a small sea”
Jesus Christ…what is happening to the world?
“the Caspian Sea”
(looks at WW2) The Axis were never going to be able to reach the Caspian. Hitler instead declared that the invasion force must secure Maikop and Grozny. Everything, EVERYTHING hinged on that objective.

‘If I do not get the oil of Maikop and Grozny, then I must end this war.’
- Adolf Hitler.

“All due to the theft of a ring”
Is it truly just over a ring?
“a famine would befall the land”
Time is not on Louise’s side. She must move fast to save her country from threats and dangers all around it.
“no trails to follow”
Yeah, I don’t know how the heck they are going to be able to get the ring back.
“Napoleon said calmly”
He’s been through worse.
“Those are Gallian columns”
The whole time I was watching The King (2019), I was thinking, ‘Supplies, supplies, supplies’. The English army did not want to remain in one spot for too long. Sanitation wasn’t exactly great back then, so disease and hunger would increase if you remain in one location for an extended period of time such as, say, laying siege to a fortified castle.
“where Gallia’s going with that army”
It is a perfect time for Gallia to launch an invasion, with Tristain preoccupied with civil war.
Dammit, I really, really want Napoleon, as he passes through a portal in March/April 1814, to find himself a young man again, in the world of the Witcher; Imagine him meeting Ciri and EMPEROR Emhyr var Emreis.
“the Germanians, who were on the other side of Tristain threatening to invade”
Set them against each other, Louise. Wars are not just fought with bullets and blades.
“they had surveyed and confirmed”
Napoleon and Louise are so busy here. They barely have any time to rest.
“to be all on their own”
Who did they leave in charge in Tristainia while they were away?
“when the most curious sight happened”
Yet ANOTHER crisis for them. This story is relentless! I’d be amazed if they somehow get through all this alive.
“a polite, cheerful voice”
A familiar. Interesting.
“did not seem quite like a vagrant”
He’s seen enough of them to know.
“Napoleon mused”
(shrugs) He’s never seen a Rhyme Dragon before.
“the first time she would witness a human turn into a dragon”
Makes me think of Forgotten Realms dragons. In my opinion, even Napoleon would be but a tiny figure compared to just one of them. They are arrogant for a reason.
“I have never seen anything unlike it”
Napoleon wants his own dragon now, doesn’t he?
“If you are lost, everything will be for nothing”
Louise is not afraid to fight on the frontline, and neither was Napoleon in real life. But now they are both too important to risk being lost on the battlefield.
“not work befitting a monarch”
Rules for Rulers by CGPGrey remains one of the best videos on the entire Internet in my opinion.
“I’m a soldier, Napoleon”
I imagined Louise aiming the cannons herself to the amazement of the soldiers under her command.
“if you go forth out of blind spontaneity”
If they must commit to rescuing Tabitha, they have to plan and prepare carefully.
“bridge the distance between you and your objective”
The invasion of Russia in 1812 was doomed from the beginning. Alexander was never going to go back to being Napoleon’s ally.
“I will personally organize a team”
This is gonna be good.
“those weird books Napoleon was so obsessed with”
Siesta has the books now…
“Yet still, the emperor seemed animated by an opportunity”
I grinned at this.
“some truly intrepid action”
Thank you for this chapter, Napoleon1815. Can’t wait for the next one!
1/19/2023 c12 Dhestrya
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